The Hitman and Carla - Co-Workers On Social Media 9-18-17

Monday, September 18th

The Hitman and Carla are debating - should you be friends with co-workers on social media? Listen as callers share their opinions...

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Added 3.5 pummeled a White House to hit man and Carlos social media and the job. That's what we're talking about this morning yeah we're asking is it appropriate. Or is it Smart to be friends his coworkers on social media and I say no my advice is don't do it. Here's why did you just have to be careful people are so it seems so the workplace if they're trying to hit. Brownie points with Abbas. Today he will see mutuality quickness I almost got fired because I was playing on a draw some map. We drive picture get a person guesses what you drive I was so proud of my drying I was uploading them. To FaceBook I do that Napoleon Dynamite IE. Homer Simpson and Chucky from rev ref I'm so proud of my guys I was uploading them and one of my co workers since Tommy the next day I got to work. My bosses like Carly can come with me I was like she earned. So my phone a way it turned up Milo draws a map I go into the conference room and he's laying out on the table he's befriended. Pictures. That I drew uploaded to FaceBook. And I got into trouble almost got fired and he's like look candy playing games a wag dad that the daddy can't analyst at the phase one last death. My freaking power third miss some me. Almighty god how good 8692983. Ladies did an OK to be friends with her coworkers and Abbas and social media. I don't see a problem with I think it's okay my guys today aren't you gone crazy don't have what are you saying. If not I feel badly to be free and which you co workers on the job while opera doc but I'll. He knew little hopefully. I asked it is just. And when you look at a decent good local place. Com that you work you know what I couldn't come Oscar inevitable. Live eight accurate in my pocket but what somebody may hold now. You're not cool to be preempt what a pro forma effect. Go to work and go home and dot com my problem at all. Yeah. Yeah sure. All odds are usually not even be friends with them outside of where a big that he loved her dog she loves so don't know how we don't want Bob good morning what do you and. This morning after I got something hot like that happen. Yeah I did get fired but all in Britain put them on both the media figure like honor verdict yeah. I read you something about like the people I'm around my ball and you like about your fire. She would like to eat I'd leave that out bit about air though I didn't know them it's fitting black people. It back up fire. Find out what word radio were about to where it goes by many chip. But I've gotten as our ought. You're Ross oh my god I hate their seventeen. Yeah I don't a couple of years ago we got all the media back at and stopped. I had an hour turn it. And yet for your call I appreciate you waking up the Los Angeles thank you act finally got. Well we are to thank you for calling. Backed my two ladies and they both say no look closely I think she hates her job. Any easy to 1993. It's an entry point.