The Hitman and Carla - Crazy High School Coaches Part 1

Monday, August 28th

Did you have a crazy high school coach? The Hitman and Carla talk with listeners about the video that's gone viral of the cheerleader coach who forced a cheerleader to do the splits! 

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I'm at a hundred points I did not wanna play how you can and Carlin we're talking about. They cheerleading coach dilemma I'll in Colorado in Denver. It was a story broke out over the before the weekend quite frankly yeah and then hurricane. Hardy came along and it was taken out of the headlines. Conveniently for the school and quietly over the weekend the school fight a good cheer coach could you just to amend. This is a crazy story yes so in the video it shows this cheerleader being forced to do the splits all the girls are I gathered around her. And basically we're talking about is this coach was out of line or if you've experienced a crazy coach. I had you do something totally crazy notion that allowed I was talking about how might cheerleading coach and middle school I guess potatoes junior league football. They've forced us to do this all the girls look like gather around. Force you down with their way to a little bit until you could do those split so by the time practice was over that day. Each girls able to do the splits now wasn't to the extent. That this girl a video was going that we were crying everything. But it was painful and it heard and I didn't realize the coach was so crazy well because you're saying this is kind you'll learn to do the splits yeah. List of questions isn't a common practice. How loud power birdied 3.5 what do you think of the video and good to her mom her coach. Bob profit growth but we we practiced our daughter played beautifully sport that we could try out you couldn't do before it. You couldn't let me I know it but it never fourth us. Now when when you've learned the split is this help you learn you you got down like down and somebody was forcing nuns and I don't know if you practice it's now back. Correct now can you still do the splits. Are. A good idea doesn't know. One can always yeah. The availability than do those bullets left and long time ago.