The Hitman and Carla - Crazy High School Coaches Part 2

Monday, August 28th

The calls continue- did you have a crazy high school coach? Listners chime in with The Hitman and Carla about the video that's gone viral of the cheerleader coach who forced a cheerleader to do the splits! 

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Our management point five to Tom wanted to play house a hit man and Carla. There's cheerleading coach dilemma we're just kind of gotten buried in the news with hurricane hardly take enormous headlines. But while. Browsers just haven't seen the video. Of the young lady at a high school. Learning how to be a cheerleader. The coach. Had to cheer team members surrounds her. And forced her legs down and in the video the girly screaming bloody murder clearly. In excruciating pain. Yeah and I guess it's safe to say hey might I guess I had a crazy coach because in middle school when I was doing junior league. Could not cheering they force us all to do this let's all girls gathering around. Paneling rained down on you to help you do the splits and like I said by the time we all lesson that day we can all. Do the splits go ahead with what you think about all those it. And settled god bless you expect that all the development without much effect vegetables that you're going to be as merely that you have you know perhaps. They don't really live like you're I have to tell yourself what would be admitted that he feels he can be aired fort sill got the ball like you know what you have to do. It'll putting it up ready prepared for the we'll take. So you saying this girl isn't tough enough to be a cheerleader because she should have been able to learn I joined it this way. I don't think he's our biggest cheerleader vegetables they're getting good at saying that you get a bit you know I got to be a charity should they take your body prepared for a little bit got the or else. You can't eat at you have to eventually led up to the list. Say you have heard of this technique being used though because I have. Yeah I'm. Glad you thought they are and I don't get it JPEG is that if somewhat dark variety that's right back out. Did you know that mail's ability. Who I mean I could either. That hit man for a number of reasons that we don't work out I let me describe. I'm on this clintons and this doesn't. Cabinet. Yeah I like it. That is the big bad wolf that CEO yeah ladies out of the big. I read this out. Who knew why how she says is a common technique yeah if you try to get neither do the splits you might get the job well when I'm kind of a Kabila. I can't believe you're actually. Apparently. I don't know yeah it's good so I did love you doing. To him. There's nobody 3.5.