Hitman and Carla Discuss Wichita's Rat Infestation - 8-30-17

Wednesday, August 30th

A major rat infestation in East Wichita has surfaced. Hitman and Carla received some interesting phone calls when they asked if you've ever had a critter on your property! 

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However is 3.5 without borders play houses have been having problems. If you just turn in last hour talking about critters we talked about Basel a little bit yesterday. About the snake not statement rat. Rat infestation is Wichita we got a lot of calls. The funniest of which was a lady that called until the story about how her mom took a pitchfork to a pass a limited came out and saw the possible the next Damien one guy accurately guess beard why I possibly. How one and he's still around and around. You just got to leave them alone after that got to put a patch on his side. You guys are still call it about critters in such 869 dramatic three how about you grow at a. I don't actually outside that window. It's like god I thought. We are Gardiner snakes ever black always at a different snake eyes are black garter snake before. But. I don't actually. Jesus here this problem now was that a big steps later the it was a big black snake out to have wanna highlight that possibly he. All I can what are. I. Do garter snakes eat. Rats I don't know. I'm just thinking about the big black mama and snakes on a windowless. It just missed that but guess what color and okay. Indeed that the people. I'm and it took me so loans. Just thought about my appeared day my innocent pick things up and put.