Hitman and Carla - Do You Have A Famous Name Part 1 Thursday 8-24-17

Thursday, August 24th

Hitman and Carla discuss the announcer who was fired recently simply because of his "famous" name, which brings up the topic: were you named after someone or something famous? Check out who or what these listeners are named after!

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Power outages 3.5 to Tomlin Playhouse a hit man and Holland. I'm going crazy all morning long here at power only 3.5 minutes all because of ESP and yet they are will they let go. One of their my radio announcers for a football game because of everything that happened in Charlottesville his name. Is Robert leak. And they let him go in fear at that generating lots of negative press just because of his name. Yeah I mean there's going to be an empty in the guy's name is the most ridiculous thing and world and they are catching all kind of flat for the triggered a great conversation this morning. Cheryl and we wanted to know. Do you have an aim almost famous person. Still what is it how are you Emanuel made after that was probably your name's Elvis Presley marred by percentage Aaron among them and don't put an embarrassment over who's known him to act. Parent elegance demo model of big grand record that's key in that brutal. If she slipped a little walk back into the last name Presley's not. Just haven could easily have seen how come on I love it unit to pull the trifecta and go to to peek up at two injured man my guys do and Elvis Presley please do it I don't remember who. Do you mind me asking what July as the news feature close yeah yeah yeah so how do you feel about being named after Elvis Presley. Are there of army erode your body armor and like long road to being. And. Grab me like they Aaron Elvis Elvis in jailhouse rock to heal some ground. Yeah you don't lose a bottomless about a sense of comedy like yeah we know this guy with a Leno had a. Erin Allen let's let him slip away yeah open looks good doing OK at the. And I love it lives armed Christian right with his wife this is great stuff. I was like veterans. Is that what you wanted you just wanted to yes a neat thing he does many many Sunnis now. Like hammer when you're limiting to your limited. You know it's not a big stock people still love the guy have you really may do MC hammer Elvis both politics but I think I like Elvis Mormon hammer solo and just a little bit.