The Hitman and Carla - Kitty Problems and Love Advice 9-15-17

Monday, September 18th

Rebecca called The Hitman and Carla for love advice about her 4 cats and a love interest, but of course they don't agree. Listen to the dilemma of the day and your calls! 

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We just to an end rub that gas. Has called into the show. And. In the bottom line is she lied to the student as she likes. And now the lie is coming back the batter me you know what that's the bottom line as the bottom line. Here's delve. You know she met this guy online she lives out of state she's went to visit him a couple times she film like. This guy could be the one not all of us have the privilege of finding. But why and so their village but there's just a small teeny tiny. Bump in the road. And he's allergic to cats and she has four of women take straight he's an. However how she lied to do told her that when she went to go visit him and he was news and bad tech partly a jacket that she was one end of the jackal was Hummer trying to grandparents' house that a grandparents and all the cast and now he's on a plane to day coming to Wichita to spend the weekend what does this weekend. He's blocking an end to any real situation she's got four of port cats and our house and she takes in strays and he knows nothing of that's a good person of British taken stray cats is that it's very very noble. 869. Hey daddy three you're also supported the hour battery 3.5 one billion billion team. Happy Gary. Home I just feel like it's an area listens I don't know what the you'll I don't think it will what do you say that the trust already has been compromised from day one and. You know pretty and the captured don't have any coming to pick her. He'd be fixed all the time he's better. Maybe early in the idea that he got felt like could you tell integrity now thank. He's did not mean Dennis typewriter like that can be no one ever really know. Speak on a girl. They did not use them the truth and Athlon sixty miles from bill from the jump she should have been an important and then I canceled a number and in the middle all of us. Thank you for Colin. I'm playing in this morning and tell him just like now it is I'm telling you 86910983. Power and I didn't want my what do you think. And all the intimacy and there. In any. The bottom and yes you know is the only thing to talk. These are companies bid apparently couldn't even get to. You won't hurt or maybe I gave her chance to plant like okay. Maybe the start keeping the pants outside AD let him know he has. Been up there. The now. Thank you see you back then as I guess seven now on the mound no matter they'll they'll vote that aren't out there. I'll be back here. He was not clear exactly to do it if she don't lie about her cat I mean her catch. She. Asked anybody. India and Amman and Baghdad. They've group probably partly due to provide all I don't have a girlfriend would be about what. Deal that would be another girl naked but you won't be a different outcome. If they don't have a girlfriend can be built robot. They are I commend it for. You're right thank you for calling I appreciate the call to nobody's gonna agree with you Carla maybe to do to get my guess Terry shot and you. DJ Jackson don't slow. We love. Oh my god has not okay let it live 869. 1093. Call now.