The Hitman and Carla Launch the 2017/2018 Back to School Drive!

Thursday, August 3rd

The Hitman and Carla’s School Supply Drive for the Wichita Children’s Home happening now through August 24th! This morning the Power Morning Playhouse brought in the Wichita Children's Home, Super Car Guys, Shoe Carnival and Lucky's Vape Shop to discuss the need for school supplies this year. Listen about how you can help the Wichita Children’s home by dropping off donations at any of the three Super Car Guys locations in Wichita. We also have a special need for shoes! Thanks to Lucky’s Vape Shop and Shoe Carnival The Hitman and Carla will be able to make this happen! It’s time to help some kids that really need all of us…let’s make it happen! With Super Car Guys, Lucky’s Vape Shop, and Shoe Carnival! It’s all for the Wichita Children’s Home from The Hitman and Carla on Power 93.5!

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Larry three point tribal Carlo where here and normally we if we move on and get in the music right now we have a very special announcement as more power and at a 3.5 and we know a lot of Lewis is the wanted to know what. They gonna tell us he's so excited. Well. Let's go let's begin it's sort of with the Wichita children's Tillman and I got to give public recognition the Carla this morning because she was when it came into my office and said hey. The Wichita children's home needs help. And EU and I got on the phone and we called the Wichita children's home. And here what does this morning from the Wichita. Children's home is Kim Pennington the morning Jim welcome to parliament 3.5 good morning it's thrilling to be here this morning it's great to have you here I know with the morning traffic and everything I appreciate you make in the effort to get here but. Does a lot going on with the Wichita children's home if you could chill with the audience this morning. Some of the things he does needs. Well it's back to school time and singing ain't going to the local store any seated feelings pulling out the list since starting to get treated things that they need and and we have children that come to us that the children come every single day and they need all the things that our kids at home do I and so. They come 24/7 so great now there may be a police car in front of the children time when someone that'll be new rewriting along with those that live with fast. And they all need to back to school things and so they arrived to last with what they have on at the moment. Yeah and so often that may not even be shoes. And still we think about back to school and and being ready to learn they need all the equipment and gear to do that and then. To feel positive about themselves than they need to be closed then and shoot in the ways that we want our kids to be so that they can feel confident to do good things before the next day. Yes so true. An M you don't let's put this in perspective that you listen this morning if your child into Wichita children's home. I think it's fair to say none of them say hey I didn't want to do children's almost uniform while that's absolutely correct you know NN and the other part of it is is that often times there in situations where authorities picked him up and take them. Right there and there after and generally may just have like you should the clothes on their back there when they get to you. They got nothing right and you gotta start from scratch and start making it all happened form. We got on the phone then we started calling some of our friends in the community one of which is super car guys. And Aaron from super car guys is here this morning he has something he wants to tell you. About what you guys needed to Wichita children's home. Thanks so much for everything you do it's really an honor to be here and when hit man call list so we. Just jump to the chances you know super curry is likes to do a lot of things in the community in and what is more important to the community then our children. Yeah really nothing more important and so. I'll we'd like to offer a all of our locations to be drop off points for school supplies. A leading up to an ongoing and so that's of course don't listen West Street funny and Broadway. And just north of thirteen on rock road for the east side location. We'll be having people come in don't give those school supplies and we'll have dedicated vehicles that we're filling up the school supplies for in using our pretty substantial marketing channels to. Get the word out I'll wrap. And thousands there to mark the end of. Yeah. It's execs crazies surreal to be in the ring with you all today. Well there's more to the story because. Try not to get emotional OK okay. Carolina off. Well Matt Powell. The owner of the lucky Davis. You know what we shook them up a little bit record I cash and reason why I'm giving emotional. One of the two weeks. They can ship. But. There were touched my heart. We're sure she's that this gives the shoes yeah. And often times these kids want to do is. They don't have shoes. And choose what they do have a warm. Where they have holes. Rain. And they need shoes and poor material that executables single parent. The one thing I always look forward to the most was giving a new pair shoes Newton. So I could really commit to that emotion. Of walking and not having good choose your free. We had a very good conversation about that kept. Him. The fuel and Carla made this part of it happened got on the phone with the owners of lucky they'd chop them friends of yours. And even though there are here this morning Carla please share with the audience with rookies big chop is going to do to help these kids can choose. You know I reached out I said even that they're always donating in the community. And he said look we would love to donate 2000 dollars specifically used to purchase season noon yes seekers middle school high school yes college even college days. He I'm forgive me so we wanna put nice name brand shoes on these kids' feet when they walk in a school efforts say they're gonna feel good. They're gonna feel confident about themselves so they're donating 2000 dollars or writing a check today that I'm children's home the hour this cause just in my shoes yeah. He's got me current. This is that this is just amazing EE EU get it you know how important. An and how changing that a pair of shoes he comes sneakers. Yeah. How are changing really the right pair of sneakers to gives somebody confidence to walk in the doors yeah. I mean at as just says it really is overwhelming. What's so true and I got a thirteen year old amen is a teenager you all mad at this shoes is something that's a big deal with kids. But it's not just providing Jews current. Because Kim we have a very special announce more to come to these shoes I'm proud to have with us in the studio this morning. From the Shoe Carnival. And it actually let them Walter drill regional managers also here he's not even wanna get on the Mike but that's okay. Ashley Lynn from Shoe Carnival you have something. Q what are jealous. Yes we want to open up the store early one they were gonna get all of our helpers and we wanna get these kids measured and get him in some great shoes for school here. Take care of them and make sure they have some that they it's a man likened to refining callable for this lawyer. Let me make sure I understand. You were going to open up your store before regular hours exclusively for the children of the Wichita children's home. They're going to be able to go into your store and hit this dog parent shows that they want for themselves. And try him on look good walk around and make sure that's what they want kids is that what you're really telling us. Yes we have time colors everything the kids on this this school year we're gonna be they're forming an get him measured in the right issues. So I. Because. Wow that's great that's great I'm clearly obvious you can tell I'm I'm very emotional. Especially when it comes to the shoe component. And look if you would like to make a donation to Wichita children's home regarding the shoes they will take your cash generation ms. Welch and here's the thing about it. This is not today. For the Wichita children's home today can be very different thing yesterday absolutely did it every day is a new. Isn't that doesn't situation pitcher Dylan way. There is and it's amazing I I would I would guess that most of your listeners an and that people in this really be surprised to know. Who they read sellers went on a daily basis that the Wichita children's time has been a part of their life it's it's surprising. How many children 15100 we text each year. It's a lot of kids it's okay our mission is that what you drive here's what we're gonna do push Aaron super card guys offering up all three of their incredible locations for you to make your drop off of your school supplies and -- we have the list of school supplies on our web site we're talking a comprehensive list of needs your first elementary middle and high school students. Where in special need a backpacks. Grass and pencils. Graphic calculators a mechanical pencils as a graft and improvements and Jerry users don't tell Libby grilled. Yeah we have especially still stings especially from high school kids so let's get it done which talks starting today our campaign is on. The hit man and Carla. School supply drive with is our children installment we can do without the usual carbo without looking straight up the way out super car guys and want and what you're all for you Jim and our moments children so they you. It's thank you window you guys who want a good actor musical or gonna give him a minute song I think is most critical what we just talked about this morning empowerment you 3.5.