Hitman and Carla - Mom moves in and makes a pass - Friday 8-11-17

Friday, August 11th

A listener's upset because his girlfriend's mom is not only moving in with them for a month, but she also made a pass at him! Listen as this caller chimes in. 

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The Hispanic Carla. If you just turn and we got some kind of drama going on. How long one of our listeners. If it's her the man and the no mom no mom I'm. So Carla thinks this is all OK. And that she says mom means to mama over me. Okay. Cooley got an email from his do great he's lived and his girlfriend were what six months. The girl just told him he's like hey my mom's coming to visit for a month. You know another bill and he's not happy she didn't ran it by him. And the plot thickens when he adds an email that this girl's mom last time she stayed at their house she made it ascent and the Pentagon just like. Okay what kind of passed a chief of we catch you or he didn't specify how much they still let mom stay mom's phrase my only be trashed your guy and it's hard to see innocent packed. I mean the more cooked mills and cleaner house someone to hang out with kids who runs someone you optimistic they did. 910983. She says it's no big deal I think you've got a problem you don't as far as her not. Asking him about a team there initially I think it's somewhat of an issue. I'll bet you gotta deal would first and foremost for the second part of this thing that really creeps me out as the mom and make him a pass. And her men we have a guy on the phone about this whole situation what do you think men tell us about this. Hey TDs and can her kids mom mother at all. They home. That's 100 imam led me to be up in the house. Diet I'll admit I had a bad experience that. My god look at the odd man out in the dark monsters while Bedanova shower but nick now dolls all know slowly. Now this waves if that's fair. Wait let me make sure I understood what you just said. You were in the bathroom taking an H hour and your girl's mom walked to ask our neck. Open this hour it was but that it and does she do it. They try to get in a jour on the yeah me. Now let's see it's not a big offset advances that's bad I'm like I told her daughter about it and I didn't lead us out of China event Panama. Lose it's. You know I have been a girl we deal brands but it cannot fire bombs at her little bit. We didn't like no no. Stronger and so you're not are you still with this girl what an analyst with. Probably trying to make things right arm and I have become our goal there he gave her mom I have talked over there. Mob figure reluctantly go to India that I think your feelings I just want badly. Do you think she once all this you got some creep. Storm on his needed good girl in the good girl but I don't think belt where mom and my security level that. That amount ago. Can what do you what do you already know the score while you stick around to see the end of the game. Well you know I did not bad I'm going to make it work and number eight. Not you can make a worker lets you know. But mom and it's a nap and. Latter option to send moms living with her a month is different from just permanently laden okay. I you can order mom now what it would make snow out a mountain out get remodeled. Remodel yeah Vermont it was two weeks yes and that's what to do we had hail. Now my goodness look at the lives up to see yeah. Let's talk. You're getting it appears to be. It again snatch. Let you go draw. It's fun to all of the right thank you thank god but god that I didn't notice our. But many didn't want to get a all of that and she bright just knowing isn't you don't police you know as you believe what she's honest hard. I don't think. Tell us how that ended though. Get in there it though he did and he hit it 86 out of 10983. Ma. I'll hit you on your man Leahy eats. Your causes paramedic 3.5.