Hitman and Carla - Mom moves in and makes a pass Friday 8-11-17 (continued)

Friday, August 11th

A listener's upset because his girlfriend's mom is not only moving in with them for a month, but she also made a pass at him! Listen as this caller chimes in. 

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Talent at a 3.5 pal Morton Playhouse this man and Carla drama. Drown us. What now must Spanish girl six months there are limited evidence and our parliament sentences and in my mom's gonna come over and she's gonna stay with us about a month matching the mass golden. She's just told him so he's got he's got an issue with that first and foremost the second part of the series. There's that the last time that mom stayed with it she made and I hit on him yeah. Suzanne Canadian home and knowing just got a call from a listener who told us a story about this girl's mom. Hit nine him. And every time he goes older moms look at her lips out in my care. Yeah. Eight. I think once somebody's paid a salary if the traffic and in the corner itself. Anyway. Taylor's home. I'm saying it's a bad idea and encourage him to think this not a big deal it's not. Pumping milk. We've heard from 1 man this morning who concurrent with my opinions about all this that this is a little an easy okay. But we have yet to hear from a woman who we have Olivia on the phones got a comment about this at 86910983. Go ahead girl. I would ask. My mother for many conference there about it but as Matt I would let my mom thank. Meet you. Still you've got your mommy go mom. Regulation as you've written here now. Can you tell me what's gone on your nose of mom's gonna say is to go though they may and then out. Our governor had planned out power to. That's right him only and no big deal to beat down. Met mom had on him and just go wrong with as long as ray ray didn't reciprocate play afraid res artist. Then we're dead who the hell is ready ray ray raising. I girl goods for policy in light hearted about this.