The Hitman and Carla - Opposite Sex Talk 9-22-17

Friday, September 22nd

The Hitman and Carla take your calls and ask: what can the opposite sex do that you wish you could do or get away with? 

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How about a 3.5 of the top wanna play housing demand and Carla we're talking about things of the opposite sex can dude that you wish you could do. I personally feel I wish from women could get away with. You know playing the field more being a quote unquote player because we do it we're called. All kinds of names a guide as if he gets a high side from his friends he's a player he's a bachelors on a big deal. It's just so much just does your die in it's a girl it's still you're still doing the same thing you shouldn't make a difference. Currently not it's not fair. Say I wanna be his big play I don't know it's all right. So readily now I'm I'm reading between the lines of supply and I mean everybody has choices. She's home. The British voice you'd choose debate does. It's fun I think there are a lot of women are players up there too but you're saying that when a woman plays the field he's considered. I as. I escaped but why didn't know we can say that on the air the worst god gift. And I does it end you guys did a thing you'd jump in there and hit chests and plots and high fat diet pills and that. Guys don't do that we'll tell you guys really get to those goals. And clearly we jump on air and hit chess together do you I got through the listeners stable. So do battle. Have you got six until he got into a little outlines go crazy this morning much. Do you wish. You can do that the obvious is set to condone getaway where. How about you hello Colin added three point vibe going and paying. He's standing. It's. And to lead a week's CN intently John where it now but that's self growth and do it right bigotry here outside some. House like where I want to and got back and it seems particularly why can't I didn't ask why we see it would be so complicated. That that you know. I don't have any right to access first art as. That's a nobody and I think in the don't understand us why don't you can't do that comes doesn't matter anatomy and a true. I cannot fully explain this to her by if you will what are NYU KC NN news or loses and Alley Erika. And joint standing up there this is great. And so what would say that no I didn't point 51 complete opposite sex dual or get away with the Jewish you can do it. And I think yeah. You have to revisit the bulls today yes somebody's that's two on the list the amount went six. Continued I'm weren't a lot of at the Hollywood guys rally in the group I got to go to the bathroom and it takes me forever and I know that I wonder what the hell out there well it got to. You're hearing none of my averted that you're back. That would prove that he's got to pick yourself up back together guides go and they're what they're. Back it up if you all want to go out like they're back at night in their back and it yeah I haven't read it it got here at. During you'd go yeah. Thanks for Carl and I mean that's huge on the list and I cheese thing we can't say yes. 86910. Editorial what could the opposite sex Dillard getaway with the do you wish you could do com now it's Howard added 3.5.