Hitman and Carla Part 1- Talking OJ Simpson and the FIRST thing you would want after a 9 year stretch in prison.

Friday, July 21st

OJ Simpson is officially free after 9 years! Hitman & Carla get some interesting calls when they ask what the first thing is you would want after doing a 9 year stretch?!

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Now apparently 3.5. He's been out morning play houses hit men and Carlo where the inmates and minerals out of prison system this morning and are saying. It's. He's good enough to put that white blazer and that was on the chase some do Bada. Two byes are a story about his body and and he had and he owns this into his garage. He should not think it's going to be worth a lot of money one day in a big strike us. Look at people pay 800 dollars repair birchard stock so certainly through our 15100 dollars or an old drivers like crap. Hey they're gonna throw an alphabet white bronco and so when you ask the question this morning you're OJ Simpson to middle marked up for nine years was the first thing you do when you get out after nine years stress. Well and where any caffeinated. Stop you know Italy and we Starbucks anywhere that has espresso shots for. Give me an ice ice coffee and not too much sugar I haven't really had a lot of sugar in nine years okay. Decaffeinated heads to the lakers started to crowned. Boy some delicious bird end. So we just haven't on the rocks on anyone and makes her a GM I don't get me a good deep tissue massage now organza kinks for. You know except. He's young and now. All day today you wanna be PG thirteen. They should study did not encourage what's the first thing you would do. After beer locked up for nine years those. Astonishing sharing with all I have met Martin mansion and how you doing brother dual dual pretty good yeah yeah you've been working a lot on staying cool John the best we can during a tornado water love and I loved it should end what would be the first thing you would do what you just got out after doing and not here to stretch. Not near stretch Albert Belle du grove hum moment aired that are related to you at grabs drafting a Bob Thornton jets failed over almost. How much go mcdonalds gives me go get all the wanna multi multi device it is and I knew it didn't know just. Yeah out. 100 with a ten. Since your eyes who's been there I've got almost it's. Almost been meg yeah. Yeah a decade as a member who live debate dual led around showers and yeah oh yeah Clinton mud then you might be on the subdivision. Well dog leg gave me a bottle them up farming more from woman of chino Brandon. Have a nice quiet you may have heard you know me emails. Why oh yeah yeah well it'll be quiet coup later. Next I. Shouted yeah. We appreciate it to blow that he's gonna get it in a Bloomberg News Edmonton. I guess yeah yeah you were little. As soon. It's a Max a little bit what's got me the first thing you do when you get out eight cents did not agree it's not however adding 3.5 yeah. Formula. Howard added 3.5 to help more you play house. The heat man. And Carlin thank you for filling that important in this. It's a wealth looks. He he he. Well Elmo the Simpsons get now. Don't be a free man. Shall we want to know what's the first thing you would do have to go to nine years stretch. You know I just feel like people you can be honest you know Starbucks. Skip whoever whoever has amazing coffee person espresso shots in there and put it on ice and super duper big. On our way to the liquor store. Prominent hop on social media group and Eli aid. And by my closest friends and family and give me some burden. No mixer. This guy find time to just do this weekend don't. We'll try again we'll hang out at least my honest him and yours is very PG thirteen you're gonna get out and said you're gonna go meditate. Put your hands like this sitting Indian style you just syndicate their well okay. Those loan code is going to be the same thing. Don't don't you quiet on me. Meg getting quiet when I guess now I know it's time to gather my thoughts in the so I know I want to nice quiet music. I wanted to deep tissue sides. You know one here. You know maybe some flutes in the background. Some minor found my niece. And the fact. Now I just wanna like drift away you know Arabs and find that moment that they entered solace Bronson track music it's a party ball. Yeah. I see you there. It's not a Cincinnati three were taking your calls this morning event locked up for nine years OJ Simpson was the first thing you're gonna do when you get out go ahead man Amir. Yeah I'll read fairways out not to go back there bride got it coach it was easier. Like they're violent they don't get a bottle dug it up you know bring it could be a LOR about all the recent calmly and I want these two. God no I don't want. You don't they'd better watch pick once we get on the ball. Okay and innovation to. I think we'll lose I don't have a rapper. I met a while on good morning okay legal car. Are you know god you're born and you'll just. I love the bull does grinds it does get. And I'm an Alley breezy do we trust not a good day where those are nice that's. It's easy hello how many drinks with the Irish you just gotta practice and onion has lost the first thing you're gonna doom. Actually I thought I think you've got about Martha and Mel Parnell Roberts. I'll and I would relative Heller and I ended east. I imagine you're gonna bring it down for you starting Monday morning with the hit man and Carla would give them away Bruno Mars concert tickets. Every single. It armada and how did that. Not everybody we have to clarify there's been ninety Carlo will get one pair of two kids. Yeah. And does not emphasize a syllable so I just finally in order to clearly understood. She's right now with a lot of good. A lot of. I love Lou I love yeah starting Monday morning okay. Thank you take you to listen to is okay. Do you do Bruno Mars concert tickets right here with the hit man a Carla starting Monday.