Hitman and Carla - Relatives A Little Too Close

Thursday, September 14th

Hitman and Carla wanna know if you have relatives that are a little "too close..." listen to what listeners around Wichita have to say!

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If you're just an amendment. We're talking about relishes being just a little too close. Friend of mine who lives in South Carolina is just found out that. They're grandparents. Kirk cousins. And they are free get out so they call live your life don't. I'm very well. Again the whole. Way back in the day and time. Things were a little different. And then Carla. Sponges and I'm just thinking about the day I was on FaceBook. And I saw two of my cousins and cooked up when I got married. Had children can turn now these. We all hung out as kids. We're all family. I'm in first and second cousins and we all grown up they've moved to Oklahoma. And then I find out on FaceBook. They're married with kids lord and I met. Him. You know I hate and I just can't like at a I was like I need Tex my mom I'm like mom and dude did you know so and so are married with children. Pike our family members and yeah. And she had no idea and she went face went inside to and we were just like freaking out because this is like. Distant cousins aura. Oh even I years later you have like this third or fourth cousin niece and we all used to hang out and Stanley get togethers reunions first and second cousins. I'm not talking about. Just seeing relatives didn't. Seattle could no burners and does. 86 guys took batting three. Bureau calls this morning we want to know who do you have relatives that are just how little too close to go ahead. IA I just have good genetic clock and first husband's actually genetically different just like random people. Well listen it's better to be a first cousin in a second cousin why can't why don't like a second cut that would be much more removed all okay so it's OK to look up what the apparently according to your good out there wouldn't any problem okay thank you thank you for that moment a little light mental case and your. I certainly kick and it would depend loses out how low power reading 3.5. Who oppose us. To what they do you have some family members that are a little too close. Buy yeah they've and very hurt that bad. Flu that is to clothes won't won't won't won't you step dad honk. I don't know. However it does happen. I don't know logo worry. Active mailbag nobody like who letting them. Oh my god and. There's no way. There is no. Way that's two and a tremendous short all of this out. Aunt married this Ted Danson stepped and I am assuming was married to the armed system. And battered you. From Bob. It's her dad and our shareholders and I got. Does he lose weight more scandalous. So does all of this debt debt and help to raise our. Has as the stunned analysts use when you can grow to be a one and married him. It would. I love the way food. I know how it. I didn't. My rarely am I speechless. But I am speechless. Right now speechless when he. OK so they're still together happily. All right we'll see age difference can I ask what's age difference. You know. I'll. Probably aren't that iron. Home dad dad listens freakish goal and Hamels and what's a good premiere in Arkansas against. She's the Whitney thank you for Carl when this is mind blowing this morning how did a merrier is dad. 86. And not it's crazy relatives that are a little too who else.