Hitman and Carla - School Fundraising Debate - Monday 8-14-17

Monday, August 14th

Hitman and Carla have listeners chime in on whether students should be able to pay and skip lunch lines. 

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How about a 3.5 point that we have pushed the button this morning on the Playhouse. School right around the corner. But down a Lakeland Florida this morning. The PT age group has started quietly brouhaha. Wouldn't care fund raising efforts of school I started to truly believe these kids who don't know what you're gonna move out there. And that. Parents. In my opinion. Our rightful okay handset scarlet regularly listen I would please include just tuning in and wonder about the speed. Parents in Florida are rightfully upsets. At the PTA because. They're not just asking for many for a fund raiser they're asking. 400 bucks inning gets your kids the franc and the lunch line. There's aren't enough pressure feeding and wanna be cool you wanna be popular in except did and if you're able to. Just toss a hundred bucks to move to the front of the line these kids are going to be looking around like they needed to hundreds of these kids and I look I got my homework done so I got to get out of class first in front of the flying. And now this kid's coming up different because his parents have money if not hundreds not just a fund raiser. And what's not fully and I'll come. Have you been easy fun now but it's still a few an 861993. And anybody that agrees with me I'm not. Popular out of being right or wrong. This is a fund raiser and you're paying extra money. To get a little bit of accessibility here and insensitive and insensitive result one of those instances of a song out called back hello Carter did nine point five what do you. Think Amy and they didn't I'm. Eating and I can't get that down here at the board game that ended everybody here and I love. Call me a little hey. It. My name and I need to go to the. All caught the ball. Think the interface is important that I've thought about it well you know I put up. Dancer I loved every 2.5 to give me a little bit too I didn't get to the front on the landslide there. The government side yeah I have ever heard the. We could just end this now. It was an extra money that they get to the front outlook lucky I know. Don't think the middle school kids probably are not canal walls of your journal on line anyway when they see with the children for launch. That's relevant okay. All right admit they give Brooke I'll listen to a little farther up a lot of power undoubtedly played five who aren't extra money is sort of the line. I think it's a bond rates there in this they wanted to but I think that should be able to your home market Peru and if that's the case that she could not far. Somebody out but I think they'll disappear like you address. Tailing it to port address the English they'll keep it simple. Yeah I. I was proud of everybody can afford to build the thing is if I was going to be an unfair he'd play in an underworld but apparently went through. You will let you check it better for people would have put me in and build up your life today. Standing. In my. Because it can't afford to fight to the problem now. I'll keep a school related okay read the most books that he this played all right thank you never looked really really your opinion okay. But again for calling did you even hear it she says what you're just excited she created here. And I. Suvs yes. Adding please give me. At some other big picture approach on the lot to like come out Soledad and 3.5.