Hitman and Carla- Should Baby Go See A Scary Movie

Tuesday, September 12th

J called in for some advice from The Hitman and Carla asking, 'Is it okay for him and his wife to bring their 4 month old baby to a scary movie with them?' Listeners call in to voice their opinions. 

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Allen had a 3.5 of popcorn Blair house the men and Carla. Alone yet when you make up and dismayed to hear about to do something honoring her say something honoring the EU. Did you just tune in am one of our listeners J&J. First and foremost thanks for waking up and starting your day with us. Can Lowe's wife every new form month old baby yeah they wanna go see the movie it. They don't wanna pay for the baby sitter took two hour movie they're gonna go ignite. The baby's going to be sleeping anyways sugar thank them. Hey you know let's take a Kindle sleeve blue and and have a good time to think Jay is almost something at queen's. Here is the Dell go ahead. Jay is asking can they don't take their little four month old baby to see it because. Like you just said it's going to be dark there was going to be asleep but that evil clown laugh seeing Anaheim team noises. From this Steven. Teen movie. Is gonna subconsciously floater almost all babies in mind in hot wheel back extremes. Careful was like that Wes Craven and whoever the guy is in our. It's a scary movie the kids going to be sleep and I got to now hold movie theaters going to be dark. Kids come to add rich kids can sleep through anything. Ten years old and they're gonna be like why did so scared of class rooms I don't know. Oh. We took Magid sit a steaming teen movie with us and we thought he was asleep met little babies brains are active and he was taking an all the streams and scary clown always insists should drama. Get a setter 86. 910983. Away. Go to Disney movie does seem on and tell us. Doesn't matter it doesn't matter what movie they goes to the fact that a matter is that kid is four months old and he's not gonna now. 861993. Is there any other got a grizzled men go ahead sir. We're far removed. It then. Don't dream baby right. Never. Best movie was so thankful. So I'm a grown man and got off track a little bit different wives home. I'd seen the movie it's not that scary or maybe he's got a big baby's going to be sleeping anyway. His brain and I. Or older guys are pretty. What is she wakes up and the first thing he sees is a scary big clown with a big red nose an evil lies in the lab and scary tee. You. There are all known dude I I'm that your wife's get a clowns to some happens I'll pin years ago thank year old model listeners says don't do it right the they he's going to be sleep on CBS you hello. How it avidly boycotted. I totally agree with you yeah. Not on I'm Scott I don't always do with just my two career. Current hit my my seven year old daughter I did the exact same thing with Gary you swore that. Fool you that you are pampered but he leader Halloween he isn't I call you're out and love up or permanently. Cool I know I'm always. I. Though I she you know where you're normally there's so it's sort of like your trip in the gym early a lot to be prepared. So sick when you get when they get old church go like going to the scary movies with yet. Yeah thirty notre all. It's not it's not plain old. You are kids get out watching that and Eli remember hearted guy like. Really normally doesn't besides the kids not literally live gets outsold the kids got to sleep so you seeing Corey. C thank you all are now and we. Don't you go see now what a wise lady. Seat. Yeah did I finally not a pretty 2 good morning YouTube I'm seeing I'm not budging. I called different. Brown a little innocent babies go to sleep I should go what this early president scary and Turin team here at.