Hitman and Carla Talk About First-Date Smooches

Tuesday, August 22nd

Is a kiss expected on a first date? Hitman says go for it! Carla says pump the brakes! Listeners chime in with their first-date opinions. 

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About a 3.5 to come in Playhouse in his man and Carla casino on the first date we're discussing if a slimy. So lottery. I don't know we'll have a band kiss on the first date. Is to be expected. Now listen I understand we get to know each other do snapping. Facebook's. Instant Grammy twittering but it's. Physical chemistry can not be replaced and it's different from gag it's Nelson line you got to take baby steps to build that chemistry. And then NAFTA you can enjoy a little live action is doing their lips then. You know funeral songs men. You give them a little pack in all gathered and expect more maybe they're gonna slip that in kid trusted pet cotton and just can't trust the pack gag him how. The high side. Jim Tressel me. The homey death okay 886910983. I think it's okay to kiss on the first day even talked to companies for the Cuban talk announced that Jack you've been to Sweden and that's an added together. You've reached that moment when you decided okay let's go to war to win here you get out on a first day edgier feel limited you both have a great dinner movie whenever I live out. They're at that moment comes it's a natural evolution and the progression of things whether it's just your moment and the timing is wrong and now it's just all wrong an awkward class just like an entertainment timing and it's everything. That is correct city six yards and not in three different kids on the first day okay. You know what I'm gonna have to agree with the young ready and actually you know I don't know we're here mentioned the I don't know where you can since I was very cold harsh and I. Shops eight. Soriano singled Christie time he leaves and know what is. Now my residents.