The Hitman and Carla Talk with Listeners about "Trendy Moms" Part 1 8-15-17

Tuesday, August 15th

The Hitman and Carla discuss "trendy" moms- they're moms who want their kids to call them by their first name, because "mom" makes them sound old and they want their relationship to feel more like friends. Are you a trendy mom? Listeners chime in!

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However they dream once I. I do it is a must you'll hear him. It's gonna cry wolf this morning on I 3.5 oh wonderful son calls him future. How low this. It just tune in and the there's a little thin now I'll trendy mom you know all the cool moms. Trendy mobs that ledger kids that. Should call them by their first lynch and they want your kids to call my the first and because it's like calling them mom makes him sound older. But I'm working with an old fashioned mom this water. Yeah. Nolan. Thank you drink it's okay Colin please looks good. Old fashioned mama approach doesn't have a listed it is an honor. To carry the title mommy that's stressful but it's 24/7 you make sacrifices and nobody else is there mom everyone else in the world's. Everyone else from Scarlett. I eat cake since then though. I met mama. It's a respect thing. And it's our respect Saint Lucia is cheese the glint in her mind she says. I am I getting too close to establishing. 861993. Let's hear from the mom to what you thought I wanna know you're an old fashioned mom are you a trendy La act. Now fat and mama I wish I did read every CarMax. Stay on big you know. Oh my goodness I wish they would make me. What did you just Hamid I'm Mike. I can't say current and Brian Cardinal Brady and we have a lot of people on the floor this quarter. How old fashioned my words is so dated and it's not the cool thing I did. I agree that it's an honor to be complimentary as he got backer I guess you're not having kids yeah this you know I would add that our proudly as being college. Yeah I had that kid so my daughter when she was younger he hit figure out why they would hobby that's OK okay coming that's. Yeah see it that Atlantic time today Gator and and you know that I ever bought from. Now okay. OK there it is it's mom thank you Jessica for only. Fits into my momma gets quite desperate. You wouldn't call it oh my goodness look at these. Airlines why candidates it's not a dramatic 30 you're trying to mom or your old fashioned mom. That god this man can hear your voice to. Like he had never comment about my both forum but never a problem that bad I can't I don't grandmother. That's for sure what move she's not here coming at you right into the open that he got it I got back. The authority cut back on our equipment that didn't he Amy says if you could a mother yet again. Okay spartans got a couple events we're all about bill would allow. The end says he's got to this is devastating to the Brent Maher with a lame dude and she. I let him off thanks for Colorado okay you are. 869 dramatic Douglass she's won a moms with a big flabby arms issue Isabel there Hanrahan oh yeah absentia are not doing and doesn't let its culmination. 86. Let me do my age. Isn't close to your mom the first day and Laura are you and also should mom or trend you ma now it's powered attic 3.5 under.