Hitman and Carla - Things That Only Happen in the Movies Tuesday 8-8-17

Tuesday, August 8th

"ItOnlyHappensInMovies" is hot on social media...so Hitman and Carla ask: do some things only happen in the movies? This caller's unfortunate experience suggests otherwise!

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I managed three point side of how mortgage Playhouse the hit man and Carlyle has tad give it only happens in movies that's what we're talking about this morning. Yes hash tag and only half dozen police training on social media. We're talking not only about things that's happened in the movies but something that happened in your life. That usually only happens in the movies I thought of a good one month. The car never starts in scary movies or that's true or never almost got there always fiddling with their cheese yet. And you did well you gals crazy and the black guy always gets killed first. I always I'm always room for. Mike I know everyone always calls when they're running from an intruder and it's always like a pretty girl boy now. She always calls. So predictable. You guys 692983. Has said it only happens in movies is trained you on social media. So we have a limit on the phone she says she has a story that happened to her. In real life that only happens in movies what was it. My boyfriend that magma and it turned out he married with a family that he lived through it why it's. Yes he did what do you kind or another girl pilot big tour event. Oh my god. We have been OK yeah. Yeah yeah. Do you want this guy for nine months why did you find out that you. He was married what was that moment that you're like oh my god you jerk. Well another girl that you everything Brad and me and methadone thank. You know who she seen that in the end that. He's found that thank you had a wired and he's we'll about the and right. Wow that was another side that that message here and you've got today. Yeah more elusive when you couldn. Oh yeah deny that hey thank you despite the yeah it's my. And Obama I love the name. To me ask that only happens in movies hold up I got really popular program for a couple of bad. Greens are you want to. I know I have a quick question this is kind of random on FaceBook what was his relationship status. Under the how well were you in your relationship with him on FaceBook and what the linked together but we're about an area and Brian so those are you can ask me yeah she asked as. I know you. His series oddly high or orange signs yet PGE's. Right I hear out of it I'm glad you're over red Jersey that is applying. Wow I mean some songs about want to show defense for Carl. Pakistan and it only happens in movies like that would've been a good movie that Arnold story right there hallmark. I kept sticking me and did JC IPs since I'm ten nominee three it's already three points. And that.