Hitman and Carla Wanna Know if You're a Closet Criminal Part 1

Tuesday, August 29th

Hitman got a call from a woman who admitted that she habitually steals diet soda under her shopping cart because the clerk never asks. The Hitman and Carla share some of their own closet criminal activity and listeners are confessing as well! 

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Howard had a 3.5 of our morning play housed in Atlanta and Carla and I got to tell you guys about it called. I guff from a warm and who admitted to us that she habitually steals Dahlia children under her cart. She justified because the clerk never checked our asked about Adams under current and she doesn't fill the. Rivera and I was only gay America frazzled I know he nano mouse among them Carl and I wanted to now. Are you a closet criminals face. What did you still. Do you wanna play the sharing game right now where we added oh yeah well I yeah I'm I'm guilty when I was younger and rebellious homes load new rules. She she she she's trying to distance yourself from this desperately. Okay nice to tingle ran against the restaurants for like dipping sauces and I'd put him in my little to go box a little while hung up the little. The little container with a dipping sauces like I'm. I'll ranch far you know I'd put him when they give you to go box and I put those in my to go box just frame oh how nice collection of dipping sauce containers. That since you don't have. Pars are criminals of Wichita this is your time. Could come forth confess what. Did you still. Well there aren't aren't brought out what is he felt fine yeah. He he did Nike. Mean aren't you think that's flared when it went into examples they have a samples and introduce area normally is just that's the only yeah it's family reassemble. Turkey is all good for kids hey we get hungry soup. Some little kid it was thinner right behind her she took the last Y zero. I'm like I say I am. O Doug Phillips in shambles and Dylan it's. Quote it's important to ensure all of OK you know she's no DNA I mean yeah. Can appreciate who's gonna I mean hello it's it's not ten not to let you know you don't clause of criminal what did you steal. It. I move a panel to hear and see what kind of tips to make. Okay this should a look at how low brow seeing it right you. I don't know what's going on man. The angles. Let him have those things that's what Rosie just look at them see you good match. You welcome. Easily if you travel there. And current models come with two of the most talked to us yeah for a little bit bigger chips and need to start. And I think good god you don't. Need an important fine.