The Hitman and Carla - WHIP continued...

Wednesday, August 30th

The conversation continues...MILF is supposedly old news, and there's a new trendy term floating around social media. Listen as The Hitman and Carla discuss "WHIP"...a new term for some women. 

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33 point five though what do you went to toss it. This. John I'm not a wet but I got an idea for something we can use. What are we just go back to the turn chicken head. John I'm going to back away slowly from yeah. Not the worse I don't like to have this call John take care I think if you didn't know you weren't is. Jobs we understand why that is the term that you were perfectly comfortable where since you have become a custom. Too chicken it's home. Madden John is this true yeah I didn't want to again thank you John Q thank you peace and young do you think my brother what can I don't think I hadn't. So when you lied to lied stick and heads and I want everybody to be a ticket. Had she can have.