Honey B on the Saturday Night Showcase

Monday, August 1st


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You. I showcase its. Let's Wichita local artists get their shot and off I think he's crazy yeah. The only solution is supporting just a look at this hour. How is he handled have been doing music all my life love old school alive I love Bonita bay and I think Brothers. Of course I love. NWA. And I love. The pod you know all the great first it was my influence and it really levels school there are. Very talented people became. In this city and I feel that bad days when they come together some very beautiful thing and but they're good real good guys out there. Makes our studio Corey Roth. The list say it new life records that was those are good guys I've seen those guys. I'm doing their thing for a long time but he rove you know. Absolutely another you know female rapper ended a lot of talented people. I'm I would like to see a lot more unity let's be honest I'm not promising myself I'm very low teens and I like him telling. Pays Chinese fishing in his mind you hop singles how tight ends on the Saturday night showcase. On power than the yeah. No way to save money. Mean me during the it's yeah you don't call me only me we call me. Oh yeah. So when you. I need. And it's. I mean was that anything. I'm at. Are you an idea that's. I'm in and saying my name. Yeah. Music and I'll let my kid. You wrote it. You know I don't and is made whenever we. Yeah she. Yeah. Yeah. Atlanta. Yeah. Aspect yeah. Team. Anyone. Thank you meeting. And he's and now I'm making every. Giuliani can. Permanent family telling me that. And Hydro. You really don't know I don't know why plus one enough to help tell my job limiting my. A real treat don't. As anything on. You must now do. You running and I got. Now let's go right. I don't everyday amazing how amazing. I don't know my young honey you do times in 190 yeah. Now it's now to the Atlanta. Don't I mean he's a young man yeah. I think yeah. Yeah. Or any new. Names can do what I don't. We have no comparison you. I never yells you know I don't care Yo-Yo where's my. I think it was just months. And oh that's right she told me. Yeah. Yeah Atlanta. Yeah. Well which draws local party shot in the front intruder cortex into 127 to let us know what you think of tonight's local artist yeah.