ICT Boy On The Saturday Night Showcase

Thursday, September 29th


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This news. I disagree I showcase its. Let's Wichita local artists get their shot and off I think he's pretty easy says the only solution is supporting. Slug localized PowerPoint. Must he voice video and music go forward to oh or ten years how I consider myself a veteran know what you talk and listen and there's probably. For power and what do we try Shanahan isn't okay fine it's just came in jail and up into a music pretty much almost forty years myself NIC. Boy we met about thirteen years ago that I. Our regular radio 93 point nine this is Tom Kolb Q&A. Pretty much has been run away golf director this. Forrest the same. You know progress that may king live around a long time love and I you know everybody was like hey you know softball on this on the moto like I don't you know I'm better than you or you're better than me and and and hey I'm doing this over here. And hey I'm Protestant town hey I'm doing just don't go and then there's reason why I started this movement started this project is because a lot of bright yourself Kevin Garnett and Garnett mind frame and which so Kaz is this us team boy king day in a building with this one inch do show. Couldn't do our single and don't. This I was asked him right now are toast the good life. But took up some photos. This is king JR what you ought to really enjoy this record we've worked hard for. Wichita we work our yet and we appreciate all of a little bit right now. You know I swear give a special shout out to my baby. Call shot SEC aren't traders type graveyard type she Garland in the course chance. Don't enjoy it and delegate give us. March oh number it's a rose Michigan no doubt throughout this process. You know it was hard work and she's been billionaire formula you know where I came. When I'm you know busy writing music score when I'm busy in the studio get noticed soreness got touched off. Take a lot of awfully good for us nothing that I can handle and you know I don't know if you've played that you can end you can always come back from that's only give a big shock heard. Also wanna give us big shout out to all our assist on the project don't work at all and Karl all thirty W I love young man then we don't stay focused and don't do this week and he was stalwart who beats you you. Sure yeah. Rest and cannons being in class RS. A no I'm not that. He's done anything this thing. There's no transplant that's. I was in the sand and Ali towards the priest training can. Yeah it's not lying eyes I think passing on Conrad. And yeah it's got caught. This thing. And I think he's playing his. Yeah yeah yeah no no go toe in the and you know. It's. An. Mom and them and treat them yeah. Yeah. Online. Wouldn't tell. Pretty. You're probably yeah. My. I'm my. Now. Oh. So. You know indeed yeah. Jeremy. I. Don't like and what is it was well we do in the not in. Use and yeah yeah you. I mean how. Is she on. National. Train. Well which draws local party shot and it does intruder cortex into 127 to let us know what you think of tonight's local artist yeah.