Monday, March 13th

ICT SOS is a Wichita-based human trafficking organization. We act as a liaison between specific local professional organizations who work with trafficked youth and the Wichita volunteers who seek to find solutions! By connecting local agencies with volunteers and resources, ICT SOS helps facilitate their missions of fighting sex trafficking.


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It's time for empire which is Tom Carnegie 3.5 and I got a friend here's Jennifer with IC TSO. As. And you have seen him in the media you guys have really been rock in this year. All over the place and January which is human trafficking awareness month and and we are very fortunate to have some really great media coverage and student Amanda are seen advisory board. And did a donation drives throughout the communion Ian in their schools and then we did a fresh start packing. And then it's and the first part of February sales. And we're. Really really lucky to have didn't get media coverage south leniency. He never wanna see him stories about human trafficking in the news he never wants to stinks and it's going on that it is and that's so harsh reality of the world we live and but. How many places that IC TS OS has been mentioned. You've got to have a sense of kind of pride in what you guys have accomplished. In such a short amount of time. Yeah Venus and you're right we we don't wanna see this stories about arms trafficking in and out new cases and things like that it is going on and from Ayman and it's important to keep that information in front of people. And even more than that I think I am especially in amend the genie rail out of the focus was on they're really great work it's being done here. And seen a lot of tired are Dresser is partners and things and so I think that's important for people that understands you that yes it is an issue here yes it happens here. And that there's some really really great work being done here to support survivors and on the prevention side as well so that's important to get that information out to people as well. Now I noticed that I just clicking on your website for just a brief mattered time. How much. That's I CT puts forth an effort to keep people educated on what's going on to keep people aware of the fact that it's not so it's happening far away that's happening here. And to be on alert not just for your children eventually around you and adults. Teens surrounding you come because they think the misconception about human trafficking is that this is something. That is not done starting with the Internet this is something that. He is happening far far away and it is involving his son you know bride fantastic plan. That's overnight but it can start simply with chatting with someone online. Yet music tablet misconceptions. And 190 said is that it doesn't happen here and it's seen and that's the thing that happens and other countries. And we know that it does happen in the united season happens in which top. And so that's definitely it kind of a misconception that we tried it try to head off with people. The other part of that apparently said that DNA net you know not a lot of people have this idea that human trafficking means so many kidnapping our kids off the street yeah. In I mean I've seen things circulated on base spec and you know as a plumber classic with my daughter and this guy tied to tight turn in the parking Latin watch out they're stashing your kids up out of the Wal-Mart parking lot for sex trafficking. That's night and that's not accurate yeah. We've had last year you are exploited and missing is how mean networks and about 81 cases that involve minors. And I think two of those cases involved some element as abduction but in both cases they museum doctor says this is not a stranger danger crime. And this is seventeen that is happening sometimes within families. And you know people they kids now and then like you said definitely the Internet and they even not his night in and there's not somebody. Messaging I can on Tuesday and on Wednesday they're taken a map somewhere and and that guy and it's a relationship building process so. You know sometimes that's weeks or months says as. Chatting her you know having conversation. And still a lot of different social media outlets. And Jimenez had a nice kid meets up with that person in their mind and I stranger anymore practices. And they'll trap to catch somebody that they they feel like they know. And even though we know that. There ulterior motives are. Fine how easy is it to create a fake profile Ali yeah you know and to see you. To send it does seem kinds of messages and conversations I mean copy and paste copy and paste he said not out till a hundred kids and you get one on some bite on what you're saying. It's a numbers game sometimes for these people who say you know if fate if I just reach out to Manassas. And ask people somebody's skin they can it take Cindy and and I think on attends our kids don't. I understand today at one and the person that they're talking to may not be who they think it is. And cheered that that relationships. That they feel like is building roofs. They may be having that same relationship with 101520. Other people not just. Working toward it. You know wind can I get this person to trust me and asked to do what I wanted to deal. There are a lot of different ways that you have reached out and building IC TS OS. And connecting with the community not just wis. What you do in terms I'm getting the word out. Talking public speaking engagements but also with a couple different things you guys now have ams and educational programs. And how I mean how did all that come about. We started abouts. Three he and a half years ago I am looking how do we get information to middle and high school students and a in San now we have a curriculum that we use we guarantee you I'm middle schools and high schools and work with students and and factory you worked with. I am about 500 students last week found and that whenever our wish high schools and so. We use a curriculum created by an organization called fair girls and they are based out of Washington DC that they came here and change our team. And Wendy did that we worked with our local law enforcement new and direct service providers can take what they had and tailor it to this area. And so it's not you know this can insisting that we box someplace else and and freezing here we really Adam has has tailored it is to work in our area. And we do that at no cost. To any school that that once a how to scam and we've worked with. And group homes middle schools high schools church youth groups have worked for the girl scout troops. Really cannon anywhere we've got that you changed where we're happy to provide that. So tell me also about the student advisory board to see these are Wichita students spraying her area students I should say cash so I am so ridiculously proud of these kids and this is the first year that we've had a student advisory board we launched it in October. And cannon right after the the school year started it 22 local high school and college students that serve on the employers. Andy did a big fresh start packing events. That beyond that they pit together all at thirty sec and and public service announcement that grand am on TV all month. They also did a longer two minute video that green in their schools. And they wrote me an added Aden and put their videos together baseline creatives and we worked with us tips to make them look professional and and Allen that that the kids really and you know really drove that project. And do that they got to be partisan really neat things they had to present at the Mears and media briefing and then there was stuff police department media briefing. And they got to be part of several news stories they got decent radio interviews and TV interviews so. And is really Kenny need to see. And you know we talk a lot of times about kids that aids being our potential victims. And so it's really neat to see kids sassy needs to be part as. The awareness and you really have a role in combating this and then being on the front end of it and because they have. The ability to connect with their peers. In no way they that I downs here so it's really neat to see them and you know kind of sat back and take that I and in. They just have to and such an awesome job there were there well spoken there educate them on the issue of and most of them are way smarter than fans they're great kids so I'm really really proud of them. Now with everything that goes on with IC TS OS and a few guys wanna find out more about anything go to ICT. SOS dot org. You can also find ICT SOS on FaceBook. And social media and if for any reason you need to contact them because perhaps you think your witness saying. The situation that involves human trafficking there's actually a hotline. And here's what I did here's a tip just are found I literally programmed in my phone it takes two seconds you can call 888. 3737888. Got it that's that really easy to do and then Natalie if you're seeing things into witnessing a situation you called that. He can also dial 911 if you have a concern you think witnessing something where someone is in danger and you know just keep yourself informed and great way to do that is by visiting their website and finding out ways he can get involved queasy can help. Panda even volunteer. And since you guys are so busy with the group's. But speaking we've seen advisory board let's talk about the events that are coming up which is about fashion show we've got some really cool thing. Three at and even even knows me knows that I am not a fashion prison back then I'm sitting in the studio in jeans and a teacher and shucks today's so. And how I got ahead. Pegs fair fashion show I don't know that we're really really excited about it and the apparel industry is one that we see a lot of labor trafficking and smooth and throughout the world. And so it does so gays and the freedom to fashion and then is and that locally made and fair trade I am so kind of showing people that. And Dina you have choices in in fashion and that does say it involves. And slave labor throughout the supply chain soak where breaking ways and buy new designs I derby she's a custom and dress maker. In that she is doing a couple of Ryan's and one is and some of her her past. Wedding clients and things I am so kind of a real women Mayan women as an all shapes and sizes and and and she's also debuting her 2017 mine that as and wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses in some party dresses and things like that. And we doing need Kenneth roaring twenties Gatsby the limit sailor working with and some really great folks say it's at put that together Kutcher ever after is staying the design where exit she's got some crazy over the top. Giant chandeliers and and very cool Gatsby esque. And can our deck goes theme for the night so it's going to be a good time and I would not be in charge of the fashion. I'll disputed hang out that it's going to be a great event. If you wanna find out more about this event that's getting ready to happen Adam though. In its freedom through fashion or Rory and roaring good time and burned twenty steam. You can find out more you can actually get tickets ICT SOS is FaceBook page you can also find out information and to. Purchased in fellow at the I'm a boat web signals that you're ICT SOS. Dot org. Now T this is a girly question the look past Clinton kicked out. And we are talking earlier IA has been boxing in the last three months and so I am calm down a few pounds and so I. I'm kind of excited to go address shocking. All around. It there is one thing that I do love it's a good meal and if he can't make. The roaring twenty's the party that's going to be happening at a vote on March 14 team make the chick filet is weird night as that's happening marched not means. So that's a way that if you just worked out you wanna get some good fit or maybe just make sure that proceeds go to AC TS us. You can sing make chick filet and hang out house entered Thursday. March 9 at 5:30 PM and this is the central and rock location yet so that's one thing I mean if you don't boxing or kick and that he has some chicken and he's got to eat pray. I have to talk about this because this coming up in April you guys are doing community benefit concerts. We eyewear partnered and with the wing Mets. For this year's community benefit at a concert this is the sec T airs that they had this event and this year is and Billy curry intending Christine sense if your country music fans. And it's going to be great southern I have a couple of local Leon's as well. And we have tickets available for the concert. And their forty dollars a piece and then when he dollars and that gets donated directly back to us that's awesome so it's aimed at 30 wait a take out how good any you know great evening and I'll be out of then the ball hard sell it outdoor concert it'll be en us untie and that. And people can contact me directly and through our website where I am more FaceBook page and then we've got tickets available for that so. If you wanna find out about any of these events it's really easy you can just get on face but trust me we know you're on their. And just friends and course like I CT SOS. And there's information about all the events there's information regarding the tickling night. There's information for the upcoming concert on April 22 hand. The upcoming event that's happening at about. For the roaring twenties seemed and it's going to be so much fun freedom through fashion. Can you can of course joined now because that's happening on the first weekend of march the first Saturday. So much cool stuff going on in Wichita and with icy TS OS. And the one thing that I wanted to ask you is 4317. That's coming up in hand into the scene here what are your guys as. Schools for AC TS OS and in Wichita. You know when in the big teams and we have coming up I am and I think we've talked about this maybe in the past a little day. We've been working for the last couple of years with a tattoo artist out of the Chicago area that does cover ups and removals and four. He works with former gang members as well as such as trafficking survivors. Inge she's been here which tie a couple of times with us. In what licking acts and working with a couple of local artists you be able to provide. This service that he provides and through referrals with our direct service and agencies to be able to provide that removal service as well. It's a process that's not currently available in this part of the country as a non laser removal. And so it's not as painful it doesn't leave scurrying. And it takes less applications typically it's more cost effective and that we are working T be able to her cry about it no cost. Lets you trafficking survivors. And you know is something that we see that tattoo mean it happened in this issue I am armistice sort of led every Indian yeah in before somebody here has been been able to see you leave that lifestyle. And it says it's a very. Permanent physical reminder visible reminder and of what they've been duke and the and then sometimes it's dangerous for them to sell have. Some of those statues where they're visible. So I knew that cover ups that's one option. And for a lot of people that's that's what they wanna deal. Though we wanna have the option to do both and be able to completely remove it if somebody wants to have the option as well settled. That's ten next big slash story can do send and you know licensing and being seen aboard a cosmetology. And how malware XTT yeah not technically tat cheering and so where. You know working today the d.s tells there day. And one of the goals for the freedoms you fashion event history is 101000 dollars to be able to fully sirens. And that program for the next year and be able to provide that. If you wanna help balance and down main if you wanna help out and volunteer. If you would like to learn how you can do more. For those affected or are just find out more and get yourself a little bit more educated on the topic you can do that with ICT SOS is website ICT. SLS. Dot org. There are things that you can click on just followed the towns you can learn about the programs to learn about what they are free to learn about. What exactly you can do in terms of press you want to make a monetary donation. Maybe when I go to the store pick up some items and donate them there's all different ways that you can help. And the cool thing is is that there's really no there's there's no no. To this let's say you don't have the time to become volunteer but she like try to check and say. Don't have the money you want to volunteer at the time greens. There's O'Leary can do any. Thing. And have their BO I'm making a difference and results so don't worry if money's tight and there's other ways you can help. And if time is tight and there's definitely ways that you can make a difference so health class do this and also. You know pitcher buddies together make them clean and for the country concert that's happening April 22. Filling out before the big event and about children twang to commute that. That's happening the first thing in a march in course chick slam never gonna turn down check and that's just not gonna happen. And that's happening on the ninth so march is going to be busy April's going to be busy. ICT SS hasn't cooled insights. So here's where you can help and then of course we're going to have you guys back on T useless now what's happening. Rallies happy to be here. So W stranger and you guys seriously there's life to learn from a web sites if you have questions if you just want to. You know get a little bit more educated on it to help save someone or make a difference in their life. So check it out its hand at thank you so much for joining us in stormy again are we have more coming up your listings and power which atop power in any three point.