Is It Weird to Smoke With with My Parents?

Tuesday, July 19th

Is It Weird to Smoke With with My Parents?

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Oh boy. However ugly three play drive to. How about video this morning Christina how about it. What a story. You when I first read and I. I laugh. You know and middle loves listening in the power about a 3.5 we appreciate demanded a completion and a story was this. She shares hit man I am not that big and the smoking weed out I'll do occasionally but not that are. And my parents have no idea I do it. Or shall I thought. I was visiting them over the weekend and my dad asked me if I wanted to watch a movie of course I said he has. Many whipped out a being bad the path. Oh. I thought why not. Always Murray. Yeah it's. Well we set out on the content giggling. Mike I want to Vietnam. And after she saw the pot she took affiliates worry. It was like the birds are out of body experience. So what he wants to know all this morning isn't it weird that I smoke pot with my opponents. And has anyone else got to Christen is weird it's very weird how it's weird. It's weird. OK okay I'm glad that will lake. Those kinds of scenes are separated from your parents like it here and it is definitely your friends. On the sang you're gonna be rebellious and craziness. Who is known drinking and whenever it. Tied you know I never is the feeling doings you did you all of that stuff beside you parents like that's been years. Most alike has family values and stuff. That's how I feel. OK okay that's that's fine. That's fine and I'm not saying mr. wrong end. So let me just make sure I understand so essentially you're saying that we're prepared to supposedly family values on the up and up. Straight laced no it. Yet no and whatever Sprint's yes it is and then you would never do anything with your parents that you would do with your friends so below the what you would drink we're just friends but Neverwinter pets again. They knew woods well. I know you wouldn't do that. But if you like hmmm I'm not gonna do those things are out of parents not office started look. Those are reality check I gotta give you you're out of luck how much you were sheltered in southern Indiana. There are yelling and I and then. Danny yeah. Look I think those probably a lot of people that of smoke pot with their pants now look I'm not saying that it's right and I'm certainly not advocating and norm advocating drug use of any. And but. I think does a lot of people listening this morning that a probably got my high with the parents. Really. Okay 886910983. Am I wrong here ain't too excited to not do it do you guys agree with Christina are you want to. Position that Christina has that you should never do anything which apparently you would do what your friends like drink or smoke week. And isn't anybody listen this morning is like Neil they have gotten completely. Harm. What their parents. Like eat out of the I'm completely unbalanced Alice they let me granted. I just think you need to loosen things up with Google announced in Christina you're just a little while all the little it's. Yeah I can. Rod keeps its yeah not doing it let's talk about this. How about a 3.5 hot morning clay houses Amanda Christina hi he's had a it is just sugar and well meal was giving the conversation started this morning and Colin at a 3.5 about getting and how. And he's. Next. Doesn't think it's a big deal to be smoking we just in general but he is actually do it a whole lot just occasionally end. His parents didn't really know about a very least he didn't think that they actually knew about it but then he was visiting them and it. And yeah please send hate and want to know if you wanna watch a movie. Big deal sit down watch committee no big deal and then continued daddy lives out a huge bag tied. And she feels like why not well they smoke together. And Kristen is all up in arms about it. Have a conflicting issue you can. And I respect your. You're issue I respect your viewpoint the Bloomberg. I'm a little bit of a reality check here. She sang Christina is saying that you should never do anything. We just have to get to do what your friends would give parents like drink and smoke pot smoked cigarettes whether. That would defense looks. Christiane really. Yes I really like I feel place I don't know like with the parents the family just in general I feel like there are those old fashioned family values physically okay and engine alliance and I'm here to tell Christine this morning. This is not anything new there are people out there to begin I would their parents all the food. I don't know I did. I need. 860 I love you during the power are to go I'm going to go ahead melody is a guy. Have you gotten I would just parents people aren't. I was food access to a bad. Actually doesn't actually Gerri my mom I got powerful bombs were so I don't get meadow. It's okay. Tell you Chris this is not a meat and milk Clinton nominated me this guy has drank and smoked pot what does mom hi Josh hey how. Point five what do you think. Not very weird. You know it. Observed with your parent or get I have Q and I never would have thought that I would have done. So DO. IU last year is pretty much me right now why Clinton now have seen though it's. Exactly like I had my parent ESP Hebert strict about it all and like they were like no never never smoked pot severed it edged a film. At first round out here like you need to figure I'm not a place. Well I even here like I hear that you go here badger right now. Unlike when you call me daddy Roger I don't like and then later on amount applied turn finally turned eighteen my parent. Compound out and then your liking girls. I think you're trying to kick back and like drinking maybe I smoked pot. Like he. You'd like man I know I know you got back at that you help me at all. Ha hole. I. Know this is. All. It just blew my car underneath my boyfriend my friend that aren't. We ran and we hope were heard her and she did Jane are you like I do that in the old days. And plant didn't think it was a weird because. Our parent like they live it generation. And it was OK no I'm not allowed to eat yeah it's taboo and now people and it's illegal but it's becoming more legal. Becoming more and more OK and I think my mom and my act like an ever spoke with my dad my mom I. I thought about that I had a good time too didn't. Do it a couple of time adaptor that you battle I have I have. Al-Qaeda. Thank you for calling I appreciate too an up and listen to us every morning news program. One of the guys clung to a to a mom Christina like I you would never do and where do your own adult ticket too emotional to mom and the tequila but no I. My Gannon conflicted I might. As I can't 86 and should not eat grits at a 3.5. However every 3.5 to Kabul to play house and an interest in on the way to a lynch concert tickets to the Boeing psychic simply a 1000000000000 over the 8 o'clock hour brutal right now. Power lines are the police. Unless. We're all fired up right now at age six I did not need. Three you've got those three large funds up for an awesome meal lose bordello like beyond our isn't Neil basically. He was really lonely doesn't really and we believe you would occasionally. And day you know his parents didn't think had any idea that he was actually doing this. Now only you know well there isn't for the weekend and doesn't even watch your movies. And flash Tarzan or whatever and many women got a big banks cut. Daddy and high. And so Neil I notice they smoke together and and mom on CNN she joined she'd get a few hits and hit it. He was a little straight and that's just because he never done and the floor with his parents before and now. We want and now it's easy weird is it like something that. Actually really strange to you guys. To drink or smoke high or anything like that wins your parents can you party with them and things sell it's not mind seeing I'm really not cool things we doing stuff the same with my parent I I have friends 86 now. And ten married three and Brooklyn I was trying to make and receive a this isn't anything new people partied with the parents all the time go ahead man how about you know weird. It's strengthened me in my mom's relationship and we became more and more closed every that was brought. Was never close throughout the kid that. Once I started broken whether we were able to talk about whatever acted united felony the hit it just made everything so much better. It just opened up to world you'll your mom were able to connect your high level al-Qaeda and. Clintons are going to patrol today. Yeah yeah. All right that one may think your parents didn't help his car rental relationship. I'm not saying that this is something you should do know how how ready we played the what do you think. I think it's completely right to party with your order. There you go another call this year's party with your parents should tell all power added 3.5. Graduate Christiana let us wrong partly to parents. Eight agent we hear this trading where it'll help and I've been in the I think yeah I grew up country straight laced phone my old man the law enforcement officer Eric never so they've got sort smoking rate in general right. He's like spin and it might be your enemy and with a cigarette in his mouth Bellamy don't smoke out picture. Yeah. And I felt like I. I as I do as I say not as I do right. It was like it's like also like looking at Demi might my grandfather. Had this guy had like long jet journal perpetrating that bring the man did not a guy. And it was just like seeing all these things don't like what they're gonna to attack I'm going to blunt force myself so yeah. Yeah it's probably not a good look for human brains he had gotten. My group the guys we're really look at prior record because there's agreement struck record I've ever seen. And all yeah. And kudos feels breath and I took an army unit to protect and serve ma'am we appreciate the phone call okay. Belt from eEye isn't like just I agree with that are like. It's weird I'd like I don't you be appealed just luckily the general. There you go oh thank you yeah. And you've got one person to agree with you this year. Yeah I think that's all right yeah nightmares and tell them not great party at the parents smoke and wind up close college should've run Jimenez moderates. Close the gap thermal. The old nineteen Marlins. The. And the higher and it's shares. Analysts smokey and the answer. That's our only 3.5.