Friday, May 19th

Kidzcope, a center for grieving children and their families, has been providing peer support groups for children since September of 2000. We believe strongly in the need for support from the very beginning stages of grief, and over the years, we have walked alongside many families on their path of healing.


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Thank you for joining us for empower Wichita I'm your host learned a lot can stand right now government early here Julie hey yeah. In its time before when my favorite events it is time for Apollo on the plants his felt so forth thing you'll be positive because they're so excited. So the first year that this went on I was lucky enough to coming out and now we are four years and it. The amount of time and efforts then goes into planning this event. Is so intense I'm shout out to everybody that helps with kids scope that helps with poll on the plains is not a small undertaking. If you resident never ban this happens at the actual polo club grounds. There is a legit polo match that happens. It is like Kentucky Derby meets pretty one man that needs polo everything. And this year it's can be more awesome man. Ever so tell you that well I think you Marian for having us and you're exactly right so we go to Dan Hayes now to the polo fields. And it is literally a field so you're saying everything end. Whether it's tents. And electricity or water after and you name it we transform this place to use something you would scene on the East Coast. It is super fine. And the dress is that women are ending pads. Men are and there are seersucker suits. Even really looks like a movie set I really done. Because everyone is just so done yeah and the white Tenser pound in the polo players and there it it really didn't feel like. We were somewhere else to be ranked Kansas at that point and that's we kind of wanted to do we want it when we started this five years ago plan aimed. Am in the side of that are just foreigners are Sheila tighter here army Porter and lack. And myself we wanted to. Bring to a to top something that hadn't been done yap and so we feel like we've done and how you're up and it has and it's a great follow lane. And it's something different it's the polo match and the biggest thing is we. We're doing this for kids go and him bringing necessary sons to this great organization. And you've got a lot of involvement with kids hope you know about the work to see DO. And we haven't had the chance to have you guys on and in a lot of month so can you telling me the rundown of just what kids cope is for our community absolutely so kids can hope as a nonprofit. An organization here in. Wichita. And it's a center for grieving children and their families. In my head when it provides as peer groups support urban peer support groups I should say for not. In their families. And and does families have suffered its a loss. From someone. Or someone in their seemly or someone close to them by death. So yes. Couldn't excuse me. Yes I'm someone analyzes diet then they can come to our support groups. And these groups are free of charge so we don't charge the ceiling. Any thing to come. And that's that's addicting I mean when it was started back in 2000 and so men's men around for seventeen years. We've we've actually seen over 4000. King wow borrowers yes. I'm wait we get those families from. Every background all of our city and even some smaller tea towns and communities. I'm around and they come man once a week for eight weeks in attend these groups. It makes a huge difference to their lives so if they've had that person dying. The absolute last thing you wanna do is being kids count. But once you cross that doorway mean economy and in you see what it's all about new moon healing which happens immediately. You're glad that we're there. There's a lot that goes into the work that you guys do and and how you interact at one saint. But I really loved when I got to visit kids cope with there's so much art everywhere and so much expression after. And I just thought that was really cool because. You know for a lot of different families talking about grief as a very hard subject. And processing grief can be very difficult but you guys have really found a cool way to interpret art and expression. Into this therapy and and it's just been really neat. What are the best ways that if someone's listening and that OK so this is definitely her family or I know someone that can really benefit from us what's the best way they reach on T guys. Well OK so there's several things the first is calling kids can't directly that's probably the easiest way. Is two and call and that's and the numbers 316. 263333. Fives. And you'll home. Getting in contact with either Kathleen more dusty who's there and they can and get. Get everything in medicine for you for the next steps or you can go on lying now I'm. If if you wanna check upper west side it's kids kept dot org and that's. Kids what does ZCOPE. Dot. ORG. And then are also on face so you can find us there so yeah there's several different playing is am I'm sure you'll putted up buying Yahoo! had Cloris. Of course and am in you know why and what happens is. We Ed kids count is. Here for what you tock man. You don't even balances so what happens as you live your life you're gonna hear this today. And and then if you may not know somebody today that gas let you down is gonna happened. To you or someone who and you know and we are resource. For our community. And it's so true because it's it's one of those things we don't want to think about it and it does happen and you guys and their willing in Randy. Lana yeah and it's just hard you mentioned how do you even talk about that you not you even and start that subject end. Even for someone might mean who has been around this organization for many years and I was associated with one down in Texas. It's hard yeah. Say when someone back I mean who knows there's is a loss of work you are now expressing your sorry you want to say all these things that. Nothing comes out now. Now in and Ollie you know the one thing that you can do is just let them know that you're there you down and it does sack I mean it is it's horrible. There's no way around it there's nothing good about it and and I don't care how that person died. Did it's there's not easy way to die piano non. Every every situation is hard even when it was expected when it's not expected men and there is no easy. Easy way about it in there so. Different ways to process yes you know we all handle it differently. There's always ways that it comes out as and you know if there's anything that I've kind of learned through losing a few people in my life is that. There are so many different ways that we'll handle it and people bottle it up some people want to talk about it twenty for seven some people want to. Fluently let it out and their creative outlets some people when I express ourselves with the with writing or was sharing. We were also different and Howell it it hits us in the half finality. And the cool thing about their kids cup is you guys are just there like OK let's kitchen door and and let's get going. Like how can we how can we make this process. Fair ball and it and along those lines each age group. Grieves differently. Because of the developmental stage that they yes and so if you look at that that's what we have appears support groups because they are with their peers. So we know we may be found only in the curriculum in tweak it every age group is studying memories or whatever that week. Activity that we do witnesses who aren't based activity you so often goes back to how that age group or that developmental group. Kin can understand it process and make sense for Anna yes and him it's it's beautiful to see. Because. And we EC families who con man and someone has dined. And then they come back. Mimi. A year later when you know there's that we don't put a time limit on it but they will come back because. Maybe there's kids. Are a little bit older their processing things differently maybe an anniversary happened may be another death has happened and maybe there was a fathered daughter audience and dad was in the rams trigger and it triggers it so we. That's what it's cut does we help in those times. You. I surf round at those times when. I think it hits the hardest after everyone's laughed after all the food's been dropped off after the funerals over. Because tragedy happens to your very busy on assign yes and then when it's all over an all the guests of laughs Denali at a town family's gone home. To me it it's it's the hardest at that point in using court I don't let her do this is here now and it's not going anywhere. And a lot of times we we here we seen him people tell us that they just kind of been in the days there fog and and just you know they are in the hospital for her into not how for a longer deny it. And then in did they have to get through. The future hall or in and then apparently just like you said in an all dissidents a month or two down the red and you're like oh my goodness so this happen yeah yeah. So it's it's in the win and we giants and our staff is trying to help those folks and also. Our our volunteers who run these support groups are trained as well. So they know how to pick up lines she used to help the families as well individually. And with all of this that you guys do an all the work and all the ways that you helped. You guys have this event that's coming upset is. Really where all the money's going and this is what we're raising money for excellence and it's a really fun event though so it's a way to you know especially when he gets nice outside joining it's another to Franzen has some fine. You're never going out you spend money this is where your money goes your money's not going to some blind thank you count your money is going straight to kids cope. It's helping kids here in Wichita so when you hear about poll on the planes. When you're riding out that check you know it's going to this is going to help. Kids process grief it's going to families that need at that moment and that part of the TV right now to start healing. And. It's really cool thing that you know a night or day to get dressed up in the feels playing key in the house some good memories. It's going to help other people. It's a really cool things so if you're earth science they used to it it's fine. And I'm good I'm good to foreign I had a blue last I was so bummed busted his pregnant like. Iris isn't. I couldn't waddle around or just. They're writing days before my DJ but this event if you're just joining us this is gonna happen this year Paloma planes all the money raised goes to help kids scope. And it's gonna happen at the fair Phil polo club and this year it's June 11 2017. Gates open at 230. The event starts. And then the match begins at four and then the trophy presentation is at six it's going to be gorgeous outside he can get dressed up. The entire event is just completely. And totally like to the nines it's awesome and. This is all happening like here it's hurting our city you can go to just like cool hand filling here. You know on the senate pretty woman handed so I love this song here instead of people from our talent. It is and we do have been pretty alarming contest. I had contests and so we asked all isn't that hands out there and you know the cool thing about doses. And you know we do wanna have fun we wanted to bring something different. But we do want to raise funds for kids count yet not and so are proud we have an auction and this year we're doing ninety. Silent auction. On N not all bit towel which is on your phones so this is a little bit different so will be able to lock everybody's group but it's again great trance. And great prizes that your panel on and do we have the chance. And to win a relaxed that's provided battering because hello jewelry and she is being gracious every year. And am Rolex has had done this for us and saying yes and is beautiful it's a man's a lot it's gorgeous. And we just how we have different prizes like we'll have a prize for the ladies that had contests and then we have Matt Stafford Damien contest CEO. And then the middle again. Yeah I did you know and Matt yeah I mean we we've talked about is as good as prominent a bit. And just seeing I mean it's. It's super fun M and we do it on a Sunday mum and it's gonna like you said it's gonna start at 230. And we'll let you know gates open we encourage you to come out and get registered come through. And the registration tent and then the man to start at four plaque which would be illegal we're trying to do it. A little bit later in the name of so yeah not as hot we're also flip in the field. There's and lose and probably didn't even realize I did not act. So it ruled that the sum won't be beating down now that's also a bet I know right now love that also adds and the weather cooperates is guardians. We can do that that we know and the thing that we're doing that's new this year is we've got to ban so I love okay and others are website yes I love it it's it's. OK so we did last year. But this year it's really taken off. And so we've got friends that have jumped in and said Halen we get twelve tickets are ongoing and you get a QB and a government that has not. Is and yea you know our serve as hello I am now in you get to enjoy the game and it's. I'd just like gathering place for your group that's reserved in Mueller's. And so you have a spy you have placed in general and hang out you have. Pride events yes soon and our service you get twelve kids you know VIP parking. C has some swagger bags I mean this is very Vegas is very cool now silicone is glow in the quietly on it to become a sign at all. Our sponsors have been so generous. Aunts and providing. Those dollars in those things to make this entire. Event happened. And in town and you know another gold that we want and way is for. People on our community sin know that kids count yeah and so we don't get the you know it's not the typical event where you can sit and really talked about kids' camp out there from that we want people know that kids can exist. This is why were plane relics chance that day out giving that should be and a is for those funds to go back to kids cut so we can continue to give the service for free. And you answered Ali and hopefully expanding out hands and do school programs in time it all depends on time. And and it you know we've got available resources to go out and do that week we have done that in the past it was it was difficult to. You know juggled. Groups sit home or anything not in school because there is such an incredible mean mean we know that I am working hard to try to figure all that out so this is just one way that you can help. In getting that is available resources and money goes to sent to your cause. If delisting you know like all of Riviera town June 11 that's okay you still make a donation to kids cope there's lots of ways that you can help so. Be sure to check it out just get to kids cope dot org it's OK I DZE. COP. Eking go to that website you can find out ways that you can help you can donate. You can find out information on props the services if you have someone or knows someone that you would like baby you're listening for yourself. You found that information if you wanna get the tickets Apolo on the plane you better hurry with quickness because there's everything from the tick it's. To join tickets to getting to this on circuits or if you wanna reserve one of those cabana as they're gonna go quick. So we shorts you had check out their website now you can go to this. And find out info on face you can find out and fell actually also. At kids cup dot org anything can click on. The events that they've got going on in the about us seeking to find poll on the planes on faced and there's just so lots and there's a lot of ways that you can get in touch with some. Any questions or concerns you can call 26333352. C three too many times. Reason of why she did not know her. Did jumped. The pumping is going to be an awesome event and it is happening on June 11. And it's going to be the fears filled polo club poll on the planes fourth fear that's going on yes. Don't think he's doing her being on the. Early for having Christiane I know more about kids cope or pull on the plains we'll have this interview up on our website. A power 935 dot com's click on the empowered time. And look for kids cope pull on the planes all of this info will be waiting for you so you better geared to kids did dare make your plans pitcher had. It's a really good time and kitco does a wonderful organization. And this just goes to help so many different families in our community so be sure to act gets. It's now hurry up. We got stuff to do also getting talent and how we will see at this event so I think so lights this and that we got more coming up for empower Wichita Onkar 93 point.