Kobie Bars On the Saturday Night Showcase

Thursday, July 14th


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You well that's pretty nice showcase its. Let's Wichita local artists get their shot and on I think he's pretty season. The only solution is supporting just Oslo accords its PowerPoint. And Morris. Says tour. No never rest this is something that and I'm always had a love or you know he's so I almost. I just now actually start take it seriously about a three years ago you see yours that we have so much talent here amend this. For Indy. All types of music and others of us including Heathrow and end. You listen and be more you united I would say though it would you know you know come just. Birthers as far as the scene is definitely brought us news and Benelux. That there is my first single off my EG what's we don't ask. Members of the Sunday night and don't know Brad. Ferris are that I wrote hello Thomas is this about me trying to better myself you know belief things that I didn't. Heard our president does hold on to another person or almost it's not a soul boy bars DA. Are as men and we moved Saturday night as well. But the German singled out and about continuity and more. I pressed. Great video the last thing you brought. Thought of real love makes you know ground. She bags landing actress to play. And it was yeah I know this is actually an icon grab him but you know I know I like eleven seasons or not it is what you yeah. And so did its eyes eyes that can be allowed out. You'll offend away. Without he's in his own mind I want to see you said that they wanted to they thought about it the Margaret ozone is the man. Hi good for the purpose of our business. You know the playing field. That kind of sending young to know now. When Bob for example like kind of alone about fassel has stated it affected his. Absolutely not so. Everywhere I go yeah. Like I'm back. It's. The movement it. A moment. Raise them up into. Obviously that then takes a life okay thank you tell me. Super eight and took away but I couldn't look away you act like it happened like an accident data that's why yeah. Jazz is a lack. Seamless high yeah it's a red abundant and it's undecided this young black you. And I live about migraines like gambles so I think the bottom line in my legs his butt out on the town and I love how this how they'll make it is yeah granite city fans. Didn't help cancel this business life hanging. He knows. Progress midwest. This kind of vacant you know kids. Thank you thank Al but I'm an up and the let down spills great and and a good nobody knows that's not the mail received its growth and knows it. Yeah. Love but I've made it thing you know there's a Negro League has the thank you Matthew. That's going to be an analyst Neil Diamond night. Let's go out. Mexico thought about. Everywhere I don't yet. It's been like back I. The movement of its. Minimum. Prison well and. Well which draws local party shot and it probably intruders or Texas in 2127 to let us know what you think of tonight's local artist yeah.