Lawyer Jones On The Saturday night Showcase

Thursday, November 17th


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This news. I disagree I showcase its. Let's Wichita local artists get their shot and off I think he's crazy isn't the only solution is supporting. Slug localized power. Oh I don't see me doing music journalists are Kansas probably about 2000 and so I'm glad to see the a lot of artists started to come together. So are you know for the long distance and every artist forms you know everybody one of the first and they get everybody wanted to do this morning in America but there's been no immunity and I'm. Please see the people are starting to come together and network and try to do the same correctly you know it goes on so we have no problem always been a fan LL cool stay right here and seeing things planned. You know here locally. Sir of course nobody is 010 you know Stark's live this has been hit bottom we've all these. Trying to keep the law in the future of this city are what are the sea of course more unity and more open venues where the probably put on the soles. The same type so that people. I afford to go see you know hello this levees from other areas. Don't do this enough talent here and tell you know because I'm also an impossibly come together and gold big measures. Not the place army used lawyer Charles on FaceBook had got the president underscored. On Twitter you can go to my website www. One lawyer don't dot com that's all one word. And I assumes Amazon music movies music anywhere far from here hey this is. Lawyers knows and his son are possible host city will Marlene song bonus checks go out now from. This guaranteed source. I'd. Nothing comparison. Addicted to drugs with a great if lives profit outlook by the pass button. Ankles and yeah what did argument takes its concentration. Believe I hadn't seen it up on the side that got it's it's legal. You know when the baby mama well. It's. Mohammed. I'm telling you got to have fun. The government to act and come out and sit at this end it here. Yeah. When people need to see these guys have probably do it or death. Might have a big problem condemnation and god. It's so fresh start was told you know who ran. Yeah. The hope and think for instance to the left and post it and paid to crest. And Clinton the most importantly it's that's. West did it take our workplace I look at the bottom of OPEC. Iraq and the flu like it was great stuff. It's a Bolton I think Obama fake me we broke there. We didn't see I do know it wouldn't Mac and possibly. Bassett. I met its. At the heart trouble can make it happen so I pulled my belt then why do battle between. Yes it's spoken publicly about Pakistan. It was funny and it is now. Celebrate Halloween company makes dollars and one can run race. So breast got. Was told local red. Press in this. It's three G-8 it's a spot now. It's not a good idea supposed to rock this as the latest drop its boots on the blog I think we keep this. Important in the after a couple of cats and now look at you. Looks like a technique. It's somewhat obsolete. Slightly and that's what Bob honest to be an example they'll never know which way to go listen what people are anything. It's unfortunate it all that is where it's MarketWatch. Let obesity get Bob Hope they don't need to. Mobilized in great. Yeah. Some great well yeah brick company makes you I was walking on grass and so yeah so where's yeah. I. We're Wichita as local party shot and it does intro there cortex into 127 to let us know what you think of tonight's local artist yeah.