Loyal Sis-N-Law or Na? The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, April 3rd

A stressed out sister e-mailed for advice about ratting out her cheating brother. Listen to the dilemma and the phone calls from this morning! 

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My goodness how are ready 3.5 biological or visitors authority six are a dramatic three because heartland is trying to be messy and somebody's nerds this morning. Why I always in your segments. I 'cause the crowd. Well you're. Yes rebel air I don't setting you up for cellular currently viewer asked. Getting someone. To break yours well your suggested I should say respectfully that somebody make a very poor. Decision. Regarding this dilemma that we have going on this morning which is all kind of drop and it started on Easter Sunday to get this. Woman when I username she emailed us she said hit many Carly Easter dinner with the most uncomfortable things I lived through. I found no afraid that my brother may be cheating on my sister in law I came across my bros profile on that hook up app. She specified that she said it's like tender plenty of fish a hug a bath OK so. She says mice is almost like my best friend eastern time together. I love my brother but I really have my sister and I don't know what to do I took screen shots of the profile and everything. Should I tell my sister and how what I saw and share with her the screen shots and I leave it alone because it's eating meat. Let. They're planning or renewal ceremony December they're renewing their vows it just is I'm not sure our. And he is actually met anyone but I know he's looking isn't my place to do this let me just say. Put yourself and know wife's shoes what a waste of time to not being told. I your husband is looking for other women I usually do not involve myself in these types of matters. Because everyone blames the messenger but exceptions to my role are when it's. And my sister or best friend and this is. When spoke again it's a brother but it doesn't Lehman Brothers and then I hate. This is like family to your sister she's not part of the Stanley I just think you should put out there. In the open give her hands. Did so much John. To have an app on tender back in the day because they know this is still accidents. And 6910 Larry Drew what do you guys think I'd say you save nothing you stay out of it as non young business. All are outside that are there really is you can't see you tomorrow or damp isn't the real life. Usually we grow okay that's QB who went there as well if you. Rather cave that's I think we eggs little girl a young girl whatever. Plan that you brought it. Okay is ever get whatever you are. About being your breath yeah. Yeah I'm sure your. Inbox you can't. When I got. We see these areas where I grew out of my. Richard thanks. Would you like about you that's the that's true to our meeting actually do it is it you don't what you're doing to India and and I are very hot right I don't power bat be unfair to guys out policy that gives you full. Move I what he'd do what what he'd look normal because I thought. See about how old I actually I think I got it guys did it all be good thing if you had been asked. I don't I don't call all the talk about as scene like yeah a lot of you don't talk about a minute. O'clock o'clock. They don't flush clogged our regular. Flight. We are about right what the other rebel boy you got it. The orthodoxy. So let me pretty well thank you girl we love you thank you for college and you know what they're YouTube to executed a 100. We're ready to play if I believe. I thank Jamie. I haven't talked with her brother OK at least I don't have to go anonymous and I do need to outlast her now and as you don't. I'm going until we hear you my friend that's it did that's the right to know what that is. Does the way it is a yeah love because his. It's OK she's getting her brother bear ridge actually. That's why I'm Larry you have the chance because I love you open opera lover and I'm not gonna let the top terror probe you do all right well. Okay thank you we'll hear how that she said she threaten brother threaten them. So I'm stinks from a guy why you're added eighteen until I'm 93. What do you guys did a dramatic.