Lucky Elisio on the Saturday Night Showcase

Thursday, November 17th


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This news. I disagree I showcase its. Let's Wichita local artists get their shot and off I think he's crazy isn't the only solution is supporting. Slug localized PowerPoint. This look he Lucio and I've been doing music awards since hours. Back in middle school I'm Dan you know grandma almost always. And I this. Really got serious waited bad years so I don't know I love the local book. Hip hop artist this is crazy because like there was. And I believe. Again you know can and he figured hey can always be craters and my single is all that bad. And you know is bill one Ohio's second record and stuff and now that this is I haven't quite that he takes his van and basically you know. This a little party soggy note is that it's a mile free stuff in this you know to be artists. The coolest you know have a good sound as though you know and stuff people say hello you've played anywhere you know he just goes you know as of the end. And then today is. Still this is the reality is a lot flatter. Business and everything Sosa gave it to him in every way it's ocelot you can youths who let you Vizio. You know as lucky you say why he lease deals ego as I hope and Martha. Twitter is Elise CEO 9509. This is not easily see on this is my new single on Saturday night showcase. And I mean. And no need in no way. I had asthma the effects let's just call me. I had some great there. Lazy I imagine it's. I can't be. And as I do. Man. And it's then oh well. She and to. Then seat yeah. We. The. Johnny. And oh yeah. Enid. I didn't want the ocean I objective right mom or dad surfing dude. Now and oh yeah I Don Adams lack of focus keep him. Remaining person she billions in outfits are pretty good got a match situation I'm like solutions. No way should. After the game. Nancy go and I then Nancy down. And Nancy down Donna and Nancy yes. Then Nancy that's. And I have fans seeing abnormally. You got an end. We're Wichita as local party shot and it does intro there cortex into 127 to let us know what you think of tonight's local artist yeah.