Mayberry Choir Takes on NYC

Friday, December 30th

Mayberry Middle School Choir is raising money for a trip to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

Listen to Choir Director Danny Derrington explain the opportunity and ways you can help this choir achieve their goal!!


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Thank you for transport and power which is top power in any 3.5. It Smyrna lacking here and I have choir teacher Dini Darington in the studio with me from mayberry. Yeah. I'm doing day in your self if you're wondering why we have. Mr. Darington Danny and here with us this is what. I was actually talking with someone to hand out dimensions to meet. York choir is going to be going to party call in New York City in the spring. And myself are being paid former choir students and a big lover of music and music theater IA it knocked my socks off. This is a amazing aging now a new thing. Staying unique and I mean first for me ever for our own Wichita school and so when I found of the US raising funds for this. It it just kind of surprised me that allowed people unknown. A lot of people don't know how to donate. So we need to get the word out there that there is a Wichita school that's going to be doing neat incredible performance. In a one of the most incredible cities in the world and that you know you guys can use some support. So wanna just hear the whole story how did you guys can fight did this happen well. OK so. We win and 2011. Vet and and we went because somebody recommended my my choir program. The word was out that gem. The composure. Regular open. Who is a huge composer. Of choir music special for young people. I'm needed acquire for a program he was doing at Lincoln Center. Now so we are name was given to him. And they're another composer it's just that it crazy how does not give you goose bumps and mile Ayers says it's it's unbelievable. So. We had to fill out a gauge. A lot of painters who heads of minute tape of my program. Has. My bio. Tell how long I gained teach seeing all that staff and so based on the and we got accepted. So. And in 2011 I took. I was able to take about 25 students. And then maybe about ten or fifteen adult. Yeah because any cleaning this it's not just killed slowed all the kids up I mean you've got to have shop around you gotta have anything hotels announced they tell. Allocation and. Airfares. I had we sign based all the kids sign behavior contracts and it's a judge brown paint being huge undertaking. So but did checked went perfectly it went off without a hitch it was just. Fantastic and so. I thought okay Lincoln Center or did that that was not saying. Put that up to decide because it's such a huge undertaking was even considering. So I give back to work this summer. Check out my emails in the summer and there's an email friend distinguish concerts in a national Bjork and I'm like. Okay this strategists like you know what they did send out dead hair out here and there is Tina in state and there was a letter. From the director of that that organization and he basically said that he was asked. By the composer Greg guilt thing to invite my program. Back to do a concert of his music around York and I was like well and the letter went on to say that. Mr. guilt and remembered working with my my kids in online in May and he enjoyed. I'm working with them so much. And so we got a personal and by and this time it was Carnegie hall. And I thought. Ha okay. I know right. So I wasn't gonna tell anybody because I thought if I told Danny if I didn't tell anybody nobody would know and I'm so. I made a mistake and kind of sharing it with a pair that wit with me. And last time I. And his girlfriend. Said. I didn't get together last time we not Isabella that we are going this time. When she said we are going I diseases like. Without saying yeah yeah she saying is basically spearheading. I've got this small group of parents that are helping me spearhead this trip. And so that's kind of how it happened. Full force for the things are hurrying Kurds Madcast kinda interesting Carol little bit. You guys are preparing so on one side of that we've got you the students practicing rehearse saying. Going through the music and we've also got the parent cited it trying to raise the money. The funding and again like you said this is its flights hotels transportation. I mean they've got eat slowly and there everything everything so how much money are you guys trying to raise and how much when he have you raised so far. OK I unfortunately I don't know how much we've raised so far because I'm really not. I'm totally let leaving a lot of music of that event yes and the PR side of it. But we rephrase. I mean I would say at least we've got 5000 dollars bet. You've got a little bit more things to the Internet according. According to you caring dot com which under the guidance address you guys have 16100. Oh so. Yeah I didn't even know I don't even I don't even checked that I seriously and total fund raiser I'm. I let what we've done is we've asked the kids and consider we got about fifty kids going wow so double okay and how. You know thirty or forty parents we. I have asked the kids and by the way we're not getting any assistance from from the Adriatic and from the school district well. So and you know that's not criticism he's just pages. There's no money can't go out though many begin so we've asked the kids to come up with 740. On their own and it's okay that. We would fund raising group for the rest which is how we did. I'm in 2011. So the fundraising comes for the kids first for the students first crack and you know and whenever. I am. We can find ways for that for parents we will bay. You you know we leave the parents kinda on their own because they have less to pain in the kids because. It is actually residency and weeklong residency. So I am I was told that all altogether we probably need about. At least 50000. Clouds. It's eight. Money. I know it's done them any met I have. Gotten encouragement from people that say you know Danny that many years out from time and end the fact is is that. A middle school giving this opportunity is rare yeah high schools I thought our guys playing colleges know our house it's. But never middle school now so. I just feel like I felt like. I couldn't pass this that district is totally about the kids is not about me I've been to New York twice I love it. Spent like I don't think kids I didn't go to New York by myself anytime I need her want to. This is about fans many of my kids have never even been out of the city of Wichita through May seem you rank mayberry is aimed. Title one schools which means sending the roughly 73%. Of our kids are free and reduced lunch. So these are kids that aren't this is an opportunity they will never. Ever get to have from going to New York let alone Carnegie Hall yes I felt like is there a teacher I just couldn't not trying. To a chorus because I remember in too many eleven the effect that it had on those students Atlanta mom same situation. Lot of those students have now had never been out. But the city never been on an airplane. Never been there all this stuff like here airports here. See life players asked how much I love the idea and airport landmarks yeah yes. The status that's very liberties stuff that they only see like in books or on TV. And I I remember. How it affected me seeing them. And their reaction I was that I guess so. I just I just could not. Track library and New York is an incredible city there's a lot of history. I mean it's time you can spend. Weeks my haircut going to zero out. And we only spent like. Four days in anger as yet has done as an entire week. And and when we were there like for example of that 9/11 memorial was unfinished. Also back now it's finished him for a those big kids I'm taking. That's history they were just barely born are not born yet oh my gosh so you know. That's that's that's important to me he's gonna be a learning experience slow loaned. The opportunities for reform and Carnegie Hall. So how are well what are ways that Abby can help you know I know that Sam I have one co worker. That asks immediately when I sold her about mayberry going informing car he's like we're going to Iraq Hanoi journey. So went and looked up some things if you want to you can actually find a page on FaceBook. And there's a way that you can do this so if you sign onto your FaceBook account just type in mayberry choir takes NYC. Guy may be required takes NYC in on face but there are several things that you can look at I'm date. The you can go to select chick filet is in which to toss so if you eat there there's a portion money that it's donated from chick flick also took pole today at Panera Bread. So there'll helping out you can also click. On our website link that's on their FaceBook page on this we'll take you look. To a separate page where you can make Indonesia and so if he can't make it to do marriage poll today or you know should play you can actually just donate. Money and doesn't have to be a lot but every little bit counts though five bucks ten backs. He can't think of a gift for somebody that says oh don't get me anything for Christmas just donate to charity here's a we can do that I know tons of people that. I went to high school there or inquire the music the arts department are so important is to especially somebody like me is student like myself. I would drop out of school without our without some kind of music program. Asked absolutely you know on it ain't. That can't be understated that kind of programs that yes that really sometimes. Keep kids in school that otherwise would not. B there's so yeah that's the arts you know there's no substitute I think. I don't think there there is it's it's something that helps me stay in school honestly and I think for a lot of kids it's a lifeline. And like you said this is. Something that couldn't be ignored or rejected no chance Immelman aren't there that. Is they will never get this experience again. I mean let's be honest yes he saw the stern and I looked at what Enos and you call as a mini. Kind theaters but we are going to be on the stereo and staged in the starring Peter that's the theater with all the balconies that is theater. That means you are a musician and or any any any art at the top of your game. That is where you perform. And you know. I had of had it kinda doing a history lesson because yeah my kids are young and after they did they were aware of Carnegie Hall. And I know can you believe yeah. I am yeah. And they're very scary a lot of it is analyzed so I had. Quite a few teachable moment sin and I intend to probably have a few more in new York and obviously. When we get there will post what we're doing how it's go lean that step so. Everybody will be able to keep up on our trip. And even on our side I'll put some some of the things we've been doing we bend we were you know year earlier we have. We've got like that I would say several pronged fundraising effort you just mentioned the on line. Opportunities. We've been going around town have been. Using so my lady Panthers yeah I'm going around town going on radio you know some of them they haven't even had that experience so already they've gotten very cool little. Awesome experience so where we we I want you know everybody to know that we're not just sitting around I mean we are now empty mentioned there. Restaurants. I intended probably have some more performance opportunities when the kids get back from break. You know they're doing their own things personally to add their to their own account so. We are working hard so I just money Irvington and. I think it's awesome I am were gonna help anyway that we can. If that means having you know that's up to give us an update. In January looked Steve that's that everybody can kind of just keep keep then we are not comment for everything. Well I I think that's an incredible experience and we're gonna follow you guys threats. So if you guys plenty of days do it okay it's a perfect way to end what he sixteen or start 2017. Held may very quiet acquired take NYC. There's so many ways you can do the easiest way again on the FaceBook page typed in asserts. May vary and AYABDRY. May be required to X and YC. There's a page there with all the days that you can go out to eat and help raise money or you can just make a monetary donation. It's really easy in that link is available right there at the FaceBook pages well. We'll posted on our power and and it 3.5 faced a page just that it's easier field a fine. Seeking an arcade. Parent and if you're point five who find it if that's easier for yet. And that let's don't and let's get them might yell and. Can I give a shout out to my principal of quorum because you know that that's this is a deep and it's a big deal. And he at first he was not sure you know because it's just a lot of money that we have you're. Today it's new York and it's a week so I mean that's not going to be cheap. But. He was very supportive. And has been very supportive of all of the the things that we've done there have been a couple of times where we've had to have the kids late to school. And down his name is mr. Olbermann and I just have to I just have to give him a shout out because. Not every principal went pretty easy to live event of something like this. The last principle that I had when we went to an eleven actually will whip that's what I. I'm lucky that I've had two buses and have been very supportive I don't. Let me get two major lender predictable yeah. Also now you guys and get on it down ain't no matter what little amount big amount if all goes. To help you don't want to miss out on this okay let's tell me they're required to get to NYC we got. Pages they need to look up right there power in any 2.5 stays a page and of course. Joining get on FaceBook and surged it's just really easy find me very choir takes in YC. Think he's still Lester B not merely having me Larry we got more coming up guys just seem to empower empowered 93 point five.