Memory Lane Part 1 - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, April 4th

Now that you're all grown up...what do you miss from your childhood? Listen to everyone's calls from this morning! 

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I'd had a 3.5 million dollars and 49 college athletic contests on whenever clot triggered a trip down memory lane this morning a simple. Question what do you do this from your childhood. Parliament is going to be Orchard Park pool. This culture shuttle to show and I can branch and they need and DJ never gonna have a little school some of need best. And days it was a cruel. Is it true gals my posse I was me Malcolm. Crazy yeah. We driver Ramirez during a map Malcolm had you shivering over the didn't have a backseat. Didn't matter right. Ever live on the radio high school is at least I WE SSR was a very robust organization W knows all there are good times there in June miss. Formed charm of this morning on power about a 3.5 let's take a call this morning cover you man. Asked part of Google's brand of music. And the other folks there off hey hey hey man what laws are always full every. My god I loved that place and we went like two times in my life yes that was the most fun place to go tiger I know it well I remembered DJ in the moonlight swim said barnacle bill's fantasy she. Yes on Saturday nights from like sixty Janet was always pack. It also I'm sorry I thought oh yeah one time I was making out with us grow on the beach though that they had to miss that part of the there all of a sudden it's helicopters flying above us in the girl goes. Oh she did any other outlets like girls closer learn about you we're gonna show. She's got. I you know dead was looking good. What does thought and paid man. Good for my daughter well at least I wish you can't barnacle bill's fantasies man I love the man knows a good. Memories thank you for sure now what does this morning and then well you're welcome my member of the wave pool and it was kind of scared yeah and struggled to had a couple wanted to believe should.