Memory Lane Part 2 - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, April 4th

Now that you're all grown up...what do you miss from your childhood? Listen to everyone's calls from this morning! 

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We were talking about. Memories you miss. From your childhood taken a trip. Down memory lane countries. And doubles and I really miss too was the Nintendo 64. Trash and a tube. Don't close and then moment cannot. I have the finest games well good. Times article bills fan this is somebody called an intensive us eventually landed. The calls keep coming in about that this morning here on our nightly 3.5. About to lose you remember from back. In the day would generally be on the phone right now hey girl how about you know. Late I am or old how old year and we're all spot on some nights it's definitely you know it man and a lot of good or bad. Kempthorne all right yeah I cares I have led to the yeah. Or is it that steely in Norris Rosanna. Yeah I was looking down. There are are at the end of her than her hurting him how did you didn't I figured out is better hope that ignores me. Oh yeah that and I'm in Seattle I was in high school in the summertime if you wanted to see girls you were the scale live north of Santa. If you ask. Helps fund doesn't really handle it yeah yeah I remember that I remembered well those are good memories for you see this your million. There is still did you meet in Indiana. And apparently by the way you're expressing how I want to miss it you. I must have and I'm more than one acquaintance. Yeah. We've noticed she's a dark dark baker the kind of start to get that black flight fluent only. Us and Ernie and worked out great would you curly 100 million dollars. I'm I'm I'm I'm a native American that I haven't heard it like. We'll see what that was like the new drive balls. They were closed. Ed do you want to do it now Mozilla's fast girly residents. I first space fast food security affairs at. Anywhere at all Byrd thank also you weren't the keeper of the plants. He's about how lender and you know he was with the dancing will. Are you done and oh yeah. Flying.