Mental Health Assoc. of South Central Kansas

Thursday, June 1st

We exist to empower and assist youth, families and adults in South Central Kansas to achieve optimal mental health and wellness through education, advocacy, and service. With your help we can make a difference. Our website provides ways for you to learn about our agency and how to get involved. Thanks for visiting. Your support is appreciated.


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Eggs are joining us sprint car which is some power in any 3.5 and a holiday weekend which means we've got to talk about a lot of stuff that's going on in the city which stopped but. One important thing is it is mental health awareness month. Mental health is something that's I think a lot of people brushed past. And say time it's not really like a sickness it is actually thank you for your you know your thoughts but didn't is. And it's something that I think it's awesome to discuss. And be open about it and I'm really excited because we have two different tests in the studio with us we have China Allen Stephanie Klein had ice. Oh fills you guys are with the mental health association of south central Kansas. So you guys busy not a right. XY. TU Qaeda has chariot mental health awareness month. And kind of we've started to kick off for FaceBook sharing to its. Honoring mental health awareness month and the a topic we picked was terrorists and not hurt and so. Her said he would tell us a little bit of even about a couple of the videos you've done an extranet. Don't mind on what really trying to embrace the idea. Beating on the walls of stigma. And universally I think everybody at some point in life has been. Taxed or impacted by state now Boris to sanitizing words or barriers and life and. We thought what better way to you embraced this challenge and I'm being aware and issue. Testing in general and what ways can we kind of go spiralling get the word out about the need to stand strong together and hands that match. And that we have developed a base that campaign. Going beyond face you can also connect with on Twitter you can connect with an eye on is to Graham and the idea is relieved to have. Film yourself and film others and really share. Some additional Imogene. Sting enticing words how you rate this down you can go our to our base excited and health association of south central Kansas and see some of those videos. But the idea is. And really to embrace those words that have been traumatized into you and tearing them apart come to sell and what better we can do with the memorial weekend yeah. This is an embrace this initiative I'm so thank you for happiness your heart of corners. Female and I am looking on your FaceBook page and all different videos that people have. Uploaded and give me an idea OK if you go out loud on FaceBook tech didn't mental health pill Popper and a mental health association of south central Kansas. And then you can see all the different videos that have been made. And it's its worst sic you may not even half. A realization that that does have a statement to it so there's a video someone's ripping up a page that has the words slow on and there's a stigma as they go along with that that you don't even think about like may be some days. Battling with a few media seasoning explained twice maybe you're not so maybe we'll process information differently we'll learn differently. I remember being in school and whenever we would have mat board races I was always so scared. Can I was closed and McCain picking teams are only now we know Mariana and I'm like well. Yeah yeah. It seems like that you purist certain wording you cringe inside because it's. It's that meaning that you get from it all of a sudden it gives you these emotions in these feelings and and it sticks with you. Talking about it right now like I feel like I'm right back in your class. Thanks a lot for those borders and they're they're they're. We all I'm great good it's it's true like that that's what this is and so there's a lot of things that. You know teen years your really vulnerable to a lot of situations young adulthood you're vulnerable so you guys are really getting out there give McCain looks like it. Tear these words up and get him out of the way he had seen again. So whip add the mindset with mental health association of south central I'm just going to end the mental health awareness month. You could cut a lot of events going on you have a lot of new completely. What's on the road for 2017. Exciting stuff so it's our sixtieth year which wow really really excited I know right. And so our wit that we're going to be having a gala in November and so. Really this month lesbian mental health awareness of this is kind of was our kickoff. And for getting ready for the gala and so it's. You know we have over thirty programs and me today and so there's just all different apartments are just. And Tony gearing up and interact and so it. Thank Allah that will be November 4 and it is something we've really pay our heart and soul into ballot beaming and it's going to be held that the episode and you too. Is so it's gonna have a great food. Computer like art house crowd it's going to have a wonderful. Raffle prizes and. And it's going to be casino theme I hate so. You're gonna steam and a nice suits and women in beautiful dresses and so. I'm we are really excited about that but the main thing it's going to be don't have a wonderful costume so it will be. I'm going to support the mental health association and Ares programs we do as well. As. The clientele that we serve is you know when you look at upon a population has that's why we're here to help. Now as you're saying I'm just talking about a lot of the programs that you guys offer. Can you kind of shines some light on some of them just to give everybody kind of idea. You know thirty programs are you closed curtains and. I know rage. It is so yeah people here today that represented two different programs so we can talk a little bit about those and just kind of highly maybe some of our other programs Stephanie. Absolutely. I oversee our residential care my housing programming and some of the I'm really ache and we we look at housing programs and for our severely persistently mentally ill as well and as our seniors. We also do better in emergency housing and what it. Better we can talk about this. A memorial weekend we provoke we aren't and part and with the veterans administration and so we had a very close collaborative working relationship with them and we. Are the main house teens into. We seal of the great impact there aren't we do mental health group homes crisis homes independent live means so a wide variety. Housing and residential services. We also deal new grant yeah actually we also deal. Homeless services so well we have Lee corporate agreement with the state of Kansas and our initiative for that I have is to serve. The most Arnold population so we're looking at a chronically homeless soon and that also have a mental illness big east team as well suffering from the dual diagnosis. But we do what we do is provide a flurry of services they get mashed with keys managers and your support of claimants services. They get. Substance abuse treatment to them clinical assessment of the main part of that is the ultimate goals on. We have been able to get soft touch your hand to then yeah they leave us house. Well I'm so glad you said that because I am I have had conversations of people say well it's not hard skin job. It's not that simple I mean we're talking about people that are battling some serious mental illnesses they may be. Undiagnosed we're talking about people that are battling addictions and may also. Have a type of a mental illness that goes along with an addiction maybe years years how you have an addiction because you're dealing with this other things going on in. There's a lot that we don't say it's it's not just as simple as right it bears are going to kill me out here is yet and there are intimidate you look at them yeah so yeah. So I'm so glad you said that I'll tell. And programs. So I am I ace Adam I work downtown. I'm a unified south main and I oversee our addictions program and our DB tee program which is dialect behavioral therapy. I know offer big work. Aliens and this is kind of intense actually so it's come at specialist and the form of therapy and groups. For high risk people will lease when we say about. Harris peoples that I mean it could be different things. Unlike its you're struggling ways I am kind of just going in and out of the hospital and maybe even some pirates beavers with self harming yourself from. Herman so we kind of have adopted Aaron a curriculum that doctor Linehan developed and she's kind of Barbuda and so we follow her. Precariously and didn't hear electrical behavioral therapies that's pretty cool program. But yeah I mean we do a lot of things downtown in the batter's intervention program I'm we have a fast programming on the stage Kansas if you have a sharply higher court ordered you. An eight hour class that we are not class we also. I'm running our parenting classes hems of their court approved. I'm but also. And we have people coming to and they just would like some help your team. I'm they're eight and there's so it's hard Jersey and I asked if they're they're simply different situations where if it's perhaps you will. Don't have the resources or the Stanley that are here and you get into certain situations you're like I don't remember you being. I'm not sure. And yet you want to have that held in nice I mean I definitely didn't couple situations or wait is this for how well I don't. A little something get. You know there are those so so yeah they don't have a computer he's usually don't have the grandparents to. Well him and me at the moment of the night. That's all very real stuff this is so we're glad to be able to offer those weeks it'll once a month class is an eight hour class and we also offer an eight week. We can see that's awesome. If you guys are just joining us Justine empower which tie and what we're talking about is I'm basically this is. Mental health awareness funds and right now we have got other mental health association south central Kansas on with us. And there are tons of lazy you can find out more about mental health association of south central Kansas serving the community for over sixty years. You sign on FaceBook just Google mental health association. The sausage or cancel pop runup they've got a really cool logo you can see it's a bell clipped the baseline he can go to their website it's imitates. Hey SE CK got it in HD SCK dot org. And right now they're gearing up for a gallon it's gonna happen in November and also celebrating tearing stigma apart so this is really cool and you can clo that is if you hash tag tears stigma part. And there ways you can make your own video if you wanna share it and have them put it on their FaceBook page you can see other people's videos and they've made. And you know something that may strengthen core team may be sending mr. expert is someone else. It's funny that that we all think we're different people we have different lives that were all brought together and brought down by some of the very some of seeing things were all very similar. When it comes to. Not liking feeling back. Yeah I know. Stigma as the stigma can create some bad vibes in me just a really vulnerable. And sometimes when you're trying to seek help or to have some clarity you know you feel like you're on a really hard road and maybe no one else understands leverage on. Don't worry league these videos show you that we're all happened against something that is a fact that we're all continuing. Is what makes this so inspirational. So you got to raise and there's so yeah the tissue China you're so busy how can folks get a hold of you guys sing to him. Are you guys out maybe make a donation and what can have clearly. Part of our own state makes campaign years ago I mean he's attached to that constantly you know our our main mission though is you. Break the chain of stigma and just get the word out and support the campaign outweigh however did you want to Joni after. And to dig up any page you're more than welcome to we appreciate an anything definitely does help. Link is at the bottom absolutely the East Coast. I'm waiting go to our animal. Web site a which is an Emmy JS UK dot org you can also can. That attitude and contribute invited donation also to get resource is an impending. I mean the wealth of information out there. Is is MA scene and whereas. I'm small part of that the bigger scheme of resource is. We see ourselves as a silent giant yeah earlier we have thirty programs and continuing to grow so we do everything from. Basically it's easy to head to and senior citizens yeah you know we kind of look at it serves as across an idol is anxious over a hundred years right why. How you know I meant to be a pretty big embracing program we have I. I'm senior services and you can hang in making a senior outreach is some of the goals of those programs is to provide companionship to seniors as well as you. I'm provides services to seniors I want to remain in their homes and you know there are some places. And that's the whole thing that I was very familiar with them with my grandmother and I sat listening if you maybe you know someone that's in your neighborhood thing you notice that they are elderly. There is and there's kind of forgotten seeing a lot of a lot of people don't wanna talk about Sam what's gonna happen to us and we get older and unfortunately. I'm really your motive push aside a lot because it's something that we know what's going to happen to us we don't think about it right. And they do any visitors in need interaction needs money is he carrying them you need to make sure that wouldn't. What comes there and they maintain care and not team being taken advantage you know that's huge job so if you see somebody like. Fact you can call 21 line and make a report and that actually thinly exhaust and and we have a nurse at a social worker that'll go off and checked he sounded just check on the person and make sure. There OK you know we can get a link to anything we do our sense yeah. I pray I mean you know we we kind of weeks at a agency we had a corner sausage being silent giant yeah I'm dual life. And we need to let me know what we do because there's a lot of resources out there. I children's services edu and medications services therapy services and a lot of clinical so services as well as prevention services. We partner with many of the schools provide chains in eleven out he's like nine schools at this while. We can't compare Maynor. You know we have. Lunch by these programs and had come here. Trying to friend programs we can go. Audit. Me and my yeah tiger for all of okay this thing isn't is now that you guys know this played college the number and then just seemed like saline caves and this is our century definitely rubbed against. I mean this year probably on fighter program or at least get a resource. Who went ahead and right accept or act you can call 316685182. Languages are general number. I'm and we can get you connected to anything I union for outpatient services. Which is therapy medication management and substance abuse you can call 316. Six iron to 2590. And there's an automated direct he's. You're either the jets Wear anything I just ING through everything. So awesome you guys have so much and and it's really cool and we need to have you back on on a regular basis just talk about all the different programs that are available. And there are so. Many things that. Every fan of every scamming battles individually I'm. Together and you know whenever it is that you got trusts me it's not going to be the strangest biggest of the worst thing that they've hurt. Yeah he went out the I have learned from my. Heidi I think preemptive effort to. Clinton and I can tell you something new into. Yeah it's really cool so. Definitely check it out sixty size 1821. Is one number you can call you go online ad campaigns change asked CK dot org. Easy to sign on FaceBook I literally it was even finish typing the word mental and it popped up in the search button some mental health association of south central Kansas. So to close is there anything you guys just weren't so out there for a listeners. The perhaps have never gotten tears to services or haven't been familiar with chemistry thing you just want to remind them before we don't. I think it's ever worse I mean it's always a phone call. Yeah I mean you know if we can't help you that we can which in the right direction and yeah change starts for just the first phone call ends and where they're a hell yeah. So the call actually like four and. And actually go on our FaceBook page because Marie and I as gonna do a tense stand up cards and you can check her out there yet so many boards I wanna you know. A lot of videos I actually I guess it's okay. We know we're coming at the end feature if you wanna share this interview with anybody it'll be available on her website and how are 935 dot com. Just click on in case you missed it and then empower we've got dollar passed in power sessions and also. You wanna see the videos or get in touch with no holes association. The south central Kansas just get on FaceBook can give them Holler. We got more coming up Saddam go anywhere is entirely too tough on power in any 3.5.