Mid-America All-Indian Center

Friday, October 7th

The centerpiece of the Indian Center is the museum that houses work from American Indian artists from around the country. From the more than 3,000 piece collection, multiple exhibits are on display inside the museum. Exhibits are changed quarterly and yearly which allows us to explore many areas of American Indian life. Focusing on educating and preserving American Indian culture and heritage is the mission of our museum.

With 39 pieces displayed, the Indian Center is home to the largest public collection of work by artist Blackbear Bosin. Bosin was born in Oklahoma in 1921, but his influence is still felt in the Air Capital city. Bosin designed the iconic Keeper of the Plains statue and was one of the founders of the Indian Center when it opened in 1969.

The museum mixes interactive displays, videos about the exhibits and exquisite pieces of art to fully express the life and culture of American Indians.​



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Thank you for joining turn any 3.5 it empower Wichita. I have got a special guest in the studio ways to meet and this week I'm really excited because it's the first time since I've been doing empower that we have had someone. Come out here and chat with us from the mid America all Indians center so I want to welcome. Art museum directors Sarah Adams hot I think strapping me. I mean I grew up in which have for years I remember the field trips that we would take only real Lendl being cool events going on for people that are just listening that are just living in which top perhaps don't know history tell me all about the mid American Indians sinner so first software. A cultural center and museum then we're dedicated to the education and preservation of the cultures of the American Indians and so what we try to do is we we focus mostly from the president we're trying to connect the past un American Indian people to the president because today we have that's fairly large percentage of American Indians action live on which father's seventy different tribes represented here how. Thousand people. And so we wanna focus on the people that are in our community today. And celebrated there today I have no idea we had such huge population a lot of people actually it's pretty cool if you could what are some things that you would want to current residence which are in this turning area to check out what's going on center you know we always have a lot of stuff going on number opening new exhibits all the time having different events and things like that. Mostly we just wanna check people to check it out and find out about different things we don't just focus on plains Indians. But yeah we're opening up the new exhibit on October 8 about Cherokee baskets. And then we have a lot of other events that are coming up in November as well. So for each year I mean you guys are pretty much just to act full of stuff that's going on things that people would chop can participate wit and if you guys aren't sure if you're thinking I regret that OK Brad by the river at 650 north of Seneca and that's where the mid America I'll Indians center says and if you're just tuning in your esteemed and car which time retired mr. Adams she is that museum director. So I'm looking on your rises website and if you guys wanna check it out it's the Indians center dot org. And you have everything from like the IP tourist. You can do I just the guided tours export dollars a per cent moon that's such a good deal and then with all of this inputs you guys have events that are coming up and do you also have on your website calendar of events that people can check out like what's coming what's going what events are you really excited about that are on the way so we have. A few eggs and that's literally exciting children's Halloween party coming up it's only going to be two dollars a to get in that day you're gonna gain entrance into the museum when you come to the Halloween party it's October 29 from one to 3 PM. And this is the first time we've ever open that up to the public usually just available for members so along with this I'm sure the members will also be there in it'll be a lot of fun so what else can packet like when you bring your kids I should they be their costumes. Though yes definitely and you know parents of pride in their customs too because that's what makes them or find. But it's actually gonna be free for the members as well also members look at that party happening but even you know we're gonna have different games going on of course is going to be lots of candy. And you know on different and also to different activities you know to have fun with Halloween and things like that. Now give me all of the details because they know us is a little bit in the future but. For anyone that wants to be a part of this this sounds likes a different event what is the act cultured dash this actually your third year doing the culture that such a fun event. You know things have before returning no whistle celebrate two people are today you know to our community is today. And so returning to celebrate the cultured ass I'm. Kind of giving it a little feel like the design for is the keeper of the planes but he. Sort of has the sugar school design in things like that because a lot of kids today their multi cultural yeah they they've got native heritage they've got Latino heritage they've got. You know white black all that sort of things are trying to celebrate every one and one thing that everybody loves to do is be healthy and you know have these fun runs. You can also lock if you're not a runner as I am now we don't series. I surround little and then about half with him like OK let's Florida out he had seen certainly. But yes so use certain ended the keeper and it's just in time for it you know everybody to do this defining run to do. I'm not terribly difficult one of my coworkers as a runner and she says it's not very difficult hover around meaning you get a cool shirt with design on and everything like that. It's just a really fun day in the runners get into the museum for for that date as of. Filipino and here you guys are gonna public face pain meaning crafts for the king. And then you also gets kind of check out the music and yes which is awesome we're always trying to get people in the museum so whenever we have events like this there's always. Some sort of discount or in this case for runners it's free for people to get in the museum. Sins are talking about running and again if you read gonna find out more you can always find out on the -- that are going on on the act calendar section. Of the website the Indian center dot org if you wanna find out more about the mid America all Indian center. But since returning about Brian Nina and being healthy give me all the info about Indians in. Sports. So that's our most recent exhibit that we just opens are the seventeenth. And its focus seeing you know all. All about American Indians as sports and a lot of people who have gone through the exhibit say they're really surprises some of the facts are learning. Of course we know about some of that traditional sports like lacrosse or stick ball and we know about surfing which was also invented. By you know native hawaiians. Bit then there's some more recent things everybody knows Jim Thorpe the greatest athlete in the world but then we're talking about up and coming athletes. A lot of people don't know that Ryan baker is actually citizen bam pot I wanna me so he's featured in the exhibit as I had no idea how the I didn't know either until I did they exhibit I have quite the crush on him ten. Kids corps free news. We are focusing on all sorts of stuff like that you know showing people that you know there's all different sorts of sports you can do. All sorts of places that American Indians are represented that you wouldn't normally think about. For Yale as as someone that's been so much time many museums you have a favorite exhibit. It's really hard for me because some time knowing creating the exhibits I can always kind of fault with all of them that. It's kind of funny because Indians in sports is actually to win in my favor once and I am not a sports person and it really actually enjoyed creating that one. This is so cool to me OK so if you're not chip that powers. That you wanna go and check stuff out tell me about the strain Tuesday through Saturday. From ten to four yep that's right okay see guys can check that out oh what am if teachers are lessening or perhaps I'm church groups. Is it possible to kind by zapping and gay group tourism things without. Yes so what they're gonna wanna do is email our car. Education director crystal plenary that she check. And she she can set up tourists there's different tours if you have grips bigger than ten and we have some special that the Yankees sort of tours are for speaker smaller than ten. And they can either email or call her son and her information let's listen on our website as one. Now one thing is that you guys are always working to incorporate the public to educate. And to do showcase. Just the awesome history. That every one it especially in Wichita are should should learn about I mean especially. Even if you have never experiencing things. Like this we took our relatives to keep for the plains and up from here it's such a neat thing and then immediately catapults you to what we also let me see we can check this out. What are ways that people can help I mean donations volunteering do you guys need that kind of stuff is it time how do you go about it. Yes so of course you know donations are always nice we also. Do a lot with their membership base you know people are able to purchase different levels of membership to be involved with the museum. And then we're always looking for volunteers we have a few study Von. Tears to her with us. Pretty much weekly. But then there the bulk of our volunteer basis their fervent so we have a lot of volunteers for different events appear interested. You know in certain things such as we have an event called sheriff to coming up in November as well. And where we're showcasing native foods and things like that some people might volunteer for that. Are you know we're always looking for toward docents and things like that if that sounds like something interesting TO. And certainly you know that would be something he gives us a call about as well so I could become a member. Oh yeah I had there and they're all levels. And I can add your families onto it and then you know some benefits of the higher levels is that you get free entrance into the museum when every one. And then also a 10% off from the get shot. That is so cool all speed doesn't become a member act like that elegance that's really neat. There's other good things you can do you could also dominate it so acts and needs. Educational. Kind of preservation museum that you could be a part of in US are constantly changing all. The exhibit how often exhibit in four I usually leave them up. For about oh a year but we put them up and all different times so it's constantly changing I'd say if you come one month and you come a couple of months later there's probably in new exhibit up. I try to putt one up about every other month every three months. That's just the coolest job ever hit Riley and looking at. You guys gonna find out more about the mid America I'll Indian senator if you wanna find out about perhaps. Getting a tour together for your school or your class are maybe you wanna sign out to be becoming a member volunteer making and donation. You can get into the Indians center and dot org. You can find an all kinds of stuff actually I'm having a good old time right now on the website all kinds of things you can learn about events that are coming up joining volunteering. How to support. You can find out just you know the fun stuff all the hours of operation open and Indians of course. We and where can everybody sign up for a ten instant culture dash you know we've had that up for awhile actually you can do it online it's super simple. I think you go through our website to do it and yeah you can sign up any day any fees I had by a think a certain date by eight November 3 than years. Insured to get to T shirt with that is well. Indian as a wanna forget also the Halloween party I Terry 29 that can read how to box. Everybody it's coming kids today have a good time between the cost seems at any time. He can Wear costing more than once in your money's worth I'm a big fan of really wanting to get back in there. So first the last round of questions for our entire session I just ask you always put everybody have a spotless desk. Give it means three things that you really help people listening today take away and that really just learn. Abouts the Indians there. Figured the first and top thing is that we are not what you think we are you know a lot of people think that they're going to get something that's about ancient history things like that and people are surprised that we we have a lot of fun events that are really kind of modern we have a lot of exhibits focusing on modern things. So it's not wasting and that's that's the main thing. A couple of the other things is that. One thing I want people know too is that we also have an excellent gift shop where you can comment. A lot of people have a hard time finding data made goods anymore but we have a lot of consign has that worked with us and our gift shop so we're supporting people that way as well. And then that were always having new events going on so people think museums is being static but. We always have something going on always something you could be interested and we even have you know different teacher painter keeping class act. Habit keeper painting glasses of and it. He give my words enemy and out you know we have things like that so whatever your interest and we are afraid you know a lot of people. Might not think it's for them but if you look on her website you'll find something that your interest and. Always. Delight to basically just happy rise in Wichita I mean it's it's a huge part of our history. And a huge part of my growing up I mean armor are always going. With our school field trips and just always been such a cool day it's just learn and absorb everything to this part of our history here and the city you can. So be sure to check this out you guys there's so many ways he can get involved and I mean think about it if you remember you can donate as little as ten dollars. Yes it's it's really not a lot and then think about everything that's going towards this way your preserving. And and really what you're hoping to thrive over the years and I am looking at the gift shop online you can even get like a little. Little look see even your own neighborhood planes yes I love that let me and don't plan. And actually made out of the same. Cor ten steel that the actual keepers made Diana so it's a little piece of the real thing that's so cool. Be sure to check it out OK again operation hours for a museum ten teams 4 PM Tuesday through Saturday. You're not sure it's right there by the river at 615 north Seneca. Give me question and if you want to get additional information you can check out the website the Indian center dot org or call. 3163503340. I got that from Watson as I guess yep that's okay. Is kind of make certain diet seriously check it out so many good things are coming up yeah I'm so excited and I just need you walk with me during that culture dash 'cause I'm really nicer. If running is going to be available. Semi public that this if the it signers available now say you can do that Kim signed up and get ready to ghetto. Plus there's thinks so intervene on the nearest me think yeah I had a fun all right you guys more coming up you are listing and car Wichita on power in any 3.5.