The Midwest Super Car Show Interview with The Hitman and Carla

Thursday, August 31st

The Midwest Super Car Show is almost here! The Hitman and Carla talk with Patrick and Jose about the huge 5th annual event at Century II on September 3rd, 2017. 

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However having 3.5. And Carlin. Look important holiday weekend home in two plots going on this holiday weekend to. And one of those things going wrong. It is the midwest and super car show. I mean. It's got to be epic. And I can't wait to see all that it's Carson switches. We told you they were going to be army air with us this morning they are here Patrick and Jose in the midwest super car show coming up this weekend it's okay. So welcome. Patrick let me start with fuel a lot of people a year midwest super partial obviously it's going to be a car show but it's not just a card she'll come until the border and store forward to some degree attempted to. Absolutely immense personal thanks for having us your power lines 3.5 I appreciate this just let you know now is this a low riders simply show what we're having a major concert with a number of major acts as well we have a ton of vendors and weird we hit an all demographics. Ladies you're gonna be happy guys you're going to be happy kids you're gonna be happy to be happy concert not to mention we have about 25 hopper's come from all over the country. For a championship belt to get out I said TV at LA sellout. Hey major major competition so it's a super. Rule hydraulics you're right before we even started all this campaign for the show you're tough battle even Loretta magazine and has heard about the show and like whoa what's gone on a Wichita. Absolutely the right magazine is going to be doing a full feature which talks and it will be in the magazine here in the upcoming months so we also have another publication it's a national publication coming out there called best of show so we actually have to magazine than a minute how she didn't show that is as big caveat. The world are going to be on Wichita Labor Day weekend holes they know this midway super car show you got a lot of prices and stuff going on to some people that are coming yeah yeah we've got bunch of trophies you've now got over forty classes for every more recycle bicycle because custom cycles they're tuned custom site might come. ITunes is awesome 2500 dollar settle will's gonna be given away Patrick that's kind of a big deal monster deal that's R&R tire of their chemistry but in our side is the area manager he reached out one of his vendors and made it happen no purchase necessary just to ought to raffle ticket and when some rooms midwest super car show Sunday September 3 two entry to what time the doors open 11 AM and how long as a shield of Iraq and until 6 o'clock 11 AM to 6 PM Sunday September 3 its entry to the midwest super car show low riders custom cars custom cycles the hydraulic bouncing contest entertainment Paul wall. Flip and also lucky Luciano people are asking in the and all those guys are from Houston are they going to be girls it's oh yeah they'll be here we've what we've been in contact with them and there will be I don't Patrick I think you and I were talking yesterday about the roads out of Houston now are actually pretty interrogation and like to think about too so should be a pretty good chipped yet we re. Just who is agent yeah yesterday called and I guess helping out a lot of friends and family down there further hurricane relief mines. But he he said you'll definitely hear. Cheap and that's another reason why you want to come because you could say I saw Paul wall from Houston right after hurricane RV right that's awesome dads in Wichita on Sunday at sentry to get your tickets now for the midwest super car show. Don't think you guys are coming in Patrick Jose you have a lot of work to do before Sunday oh yeah. We need everybody out there so yeah. Hell yeah Wichita come out and support because if we hit a homer would discuss what the coming back next school being out. Right middle super car show this Sunday its entry to deal there. Okay don't.