Mom as Matchmaker? Part 1... The Hitman and Carla 10-10-17

Tuesday, October 10th

The Hitman and Carla ask your opinion about letting mom choose your significant other! Listen to your calls...


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Powered battery 3.5 to power more important housing demand and Carla mobsters they made the best match makers Rivera signed and aboard caught our eyes same old Carlos says this mom Shanahan and the school I just like us moms we know our kids their flaws their strengths. You know their weaknesses what makes intake sets him off so we want to genuinely what's best for our kids and we know. They bad seed when we see one we don't have that intuition as well when we're younger. So we need someone to kind of don't steer us and a certain direction unless they have arranged marriages are arranged dates and set these kids up I'm just see and be smooth about it. Maybe. You do you have this nice. Boy you know your daughters and dating agent he's awesome kid great great reason this is an act cool locating. You like you know hey bring your son to wed the skating green what's what I need and hang out. And see if sparks by cheap my wife is always trying to push the match today. There today whether. We're friends a word match is always trying to play the management of our economy. Leave them alone. I don't some people don't have that its ability on their own decision to listen. We know a lot of people who continuously get in the cycle of bad relationships because of their guys for the girls they choose right yes so if he can help steer someone towards a more. Positive. Did they don't know what's good for them I thought. Our kids are Sid the kid's got a floaters and got Merrill. And so you got to let a good about no water let him get their feet wet let him have some real life experiences to Ponte gone crazy 861993. Our moms are best match but this burger kids. Because that's kind of not my mom I don't know what to do anyway. And it without asking here. Yeah I let you know. I couldn't. That didn't escape and that's and that he gets sick and I haven't that he wanted to. I have the kind of my front and it just angry about that's right now that I have a lot of and you. Pat hasn't done yet thank them out of the bat that I don't think that's that's all I'm. It ranks then go to. Org home mom I appreciate it okay. You until she knew listen to somebody's moms moms I can be slick about I'm trying to get some wisdom here already 3.5 should moms. Pit there's kids. Boyfriend or girlfriend. Not see. It. -- I've gotten bitten tactic corporate and I'd pick her at apple loves her own little Knoll you don't you don't know what you're your kid is looking more intimate. It's not fair read you that it's. Here thank killed 20 slept kind of twist. And for calm mama okay thank you but I think it's awesome she loves her son's girlfriend LO. Automatically point five chip mom did the kids boyfriend or girlfriend. Connect about that yet that's very buoyant about. That's about your eggs after a while we'll beat Ellis right. These are you saying yes or no. An industry knows and are choosing green machine three you know general then canceled due to your kids have a girlfriend it's. Now my children don't at all at all yet here you hit kind of friends you have everything major we we bottom out there lies get out hall. And yours I'm now interestingly. Relaxed yeah but all people I'll pop it up it. And look at you and left and Seth carry around city. That's awesome. Thank you for Colin okay. Sheikh imam strain those Carla ancient drug demanded three moms have been the best not to make it triggered kids karma our. Millions animals.