Olympian Nico Hernandez

Thursday, August 25th

Nico Hernandez brought his dad in, Lewis Hernandez, and sat down with Hitman and Christina to talk about what's next for him!

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And every three points I dot com wanna play house the hit man and Christina. From what number 1 morning here at power and a 3.5 this is one of these moments in time and it is historic. It's rare and this specials and edit I just got. But I'm alive today delivered an experienced. And the moment and the city is experiencing right now with our Olympian meego Hernandez and I mean he's he's one of those stables and. And we're going to be talking about. In the Wichita community for awhile and I think he's here to talk with him annually to share with you guys is reefs. This year we've been talking about a Pristina the Olympia and meego hurt end. President. And Mannheim you don't news still also learned in the military took my fights. New London while Massey I wouldn't have thought about that because what the last time you fought and how we gonna have to go uses. And we won't talk Australia I was asking about the downtime in between fights because. I just thought it was kind of crazy how you thought one day got a day off and then fought again men wouldn't you be the guide is the one fight that got to into the medal round. That that was a pretty tough guy to take death. It is from the mayor there it is there for a reason is there other tub then says it's in the words. Nice win there and not just from a focus on my opponent and I went tour I was talking to your dad and Lewis is here with this as well when we talked last week we would talk about him just doing what he's the coach just said to me was going to be OK I am an email today and is going to be Texas swing feel 'cause I know you did some coaching with them as well. And whose death and because she says he's not an Arizona until it was still closed because of limited transit also and then. Trying to do in the right direction and put him in Al Selena was in recent given these continual solo opportunities was not a bad thing. Marriage is more like international staff just did which sound helps him a lot you know also as well. They don't try to change establish an and onto a little bit so you know he is a bonus Celine came together pretty well. We it really did and how was that for you with the coaches like legal you gotta do this do that or keep doing men said. The truth you must've listened to a cartel wars have. Had to begin efforts to challenge him I was living in the semis you know. And I uses. And it goes has let it expands access or listen to me that says he still mr. ward didn't actually and he knows he's doing so I'm gonna listen. Obama fights and tell us a first round. And I came back again. To plant he explained to them when I need to do now by dissident. Who has do. Cannot the victims who gave you sure gave me and you do strong cash got did you. I understand just how crazy the city was going door to the drug exploded all still unsure he was a year that really notice NC nine back to my room on the Wi-Fi and a leg as a social media is apparently the watch party you know just gone crazy Chan my name of the game and messages these behind me. Yes yeah all the way ma'am is still behind you which tell loves you man and then it's likely that incident a lot about how you've worked hard you put in that time you've been discipline. Ended after being a knucklehead and I think your role model for a lot of other young people our community. To assume kind of followed your lead them in the if you put your mind to it. You can do it. It's. That's sense by a Monday night and just eat the people that go to NASA you know S Nimitz to the to do you wanna do follow aging. Yeah and that's awesome and that's awesome eagle her man. It still wouldn't be enough time that is so awesome look at Saturday it's a big date. The parade and a whole nine yards stalemate Julie how do you feel about going back to your old stomping ground in North High School men. Very make a lot of memories. That is the day school which time. Yeah now those a lot of pride in north side married with children pads and hole faculty staff and administration is so proud all the students all the more time lumps. All the hundreds and thousands of more to top man you are the best news to come out of north high in a long time. Is. Notes that. I agree he's committed that's so true BP whose. He's probably keep tears on the city more afternoon. That's what I like about this time he's very humble moves right just watching his facial expression meant that I said that. It is very very humble wanna I think that's a reflection on your two loses there. Let me here. All right you go it's awesome and in the big party leader on that night it portends decision decision so let's go live long day for you. Is hug get through it. Have a recovery days. As good as he had a Cortez tool hand out those of power and I think we qualified neutral Amanda's teachers went to people going to be going crazy to get one did you guys are the first of them this morning how about back and appreciate that we appreciate you manmade golden man. Bronze medalist is to bring the metal because somebody might want to gigabyte you engine. Oh let me see yeah. Yeah. I'm going to want to know what do you. That is so arson. Can't believe she. T tilt is your drop dead men don't it's. Like they did laugh. Everything's okay I see hips. Even to be now. How much again only it's half of all yeah all my willingness and when they all made of bronze medal in the hurdles to go to pitch to right now. But this is awesome dramatic and then I hit a vote. This thing isn't soon. All right you Garnett doesn't go to some pictures on FaceBook this morning you guys gonna follow you on Twitter legally if elements wooden nickel bucks and on his CNN neagle in Hernandez all right you've got to meet Garnett does this morning with the hit medical ST RO BM are hometown champion or a power and added 3.5 day can you tell. AT and our average 3.5 more army you go this morning with his family and Christie and act and act if you guys I didn't see it. It's on Twitter right now it's on our FaceBook page to pick to lead by the league goes bronze medal little four year old kid and a big humor a bit. The look at your business like is he quickly biding my mental ailments and has moved in here. Let's talk about the boxing glove there because I don't think a lot of people realize that your dad has had a boxing club going on and eighteenth the market for number years. And we would talk about the time that you trend for the Olympic don't want talk about the boxing. What's first and it is him. Sons that is in 1901 north Martha's nor some bucks and my father and Louis Hernandez he's clothes. And in my uncle pat and I assume my cousin Jeremiah. And it is not like gave me you know I didn't realize again they Michael last year and these. Polar satellite like a rod he's in no kind of beat yes so much into energy and that's sort of boxing gym should Didier. This is mostly known no you know and we don't know they see no he and then. Powell is definitely good news incidents in definition. So that's why I had to fight light flyweight because it's. That's awesome dash I let's do we know the boxing club but we were talking about. The time pitcher Sean actually trained. A lot of people don't realize is they break it down for everybody. Yeah he went licensing genome it's of contention and cards in basically you know we're ready don't know. Is the only change two weeks there's two weeks in two days for the Olympics. Number we don't like CNET you know we don't want you know the outsourcing work. We Lhasa by because Israel and making excuses you know it is what it is you know guzzlers with town you know we just has got that you know do you had to do framing known. And he did you know they had a bases that's our Malaysian arming itself is an injury xenon. He overcame a lot of not a thing you know to fight and he put a lot of hard you know and impose the town you know. And he's been blessed with in the net trainees and you know through the years so you really pushed through and in the support we at which time. All the people back home pushing them over the United States he'll push himself. He allowed to fight for you know income fund whose injuries and close if offer America. Sure do they represent our country very strong man. A one of the things that I nose was trending on Twitter news gives me and FaceBook was your tattoos that you have. Of the American and Mexican flag to get back I guess that is so awesome and I all over the Internet. In and yet knuckle included a Lou style my attitude that how much tattoos and means and instance yes that's attention as they should be right it is. I should add this question last week about what's next though a lot of people most you know those newspaper article what's next for Nikko Hernandez. I know now used to this kind of relax and then taken and all lit limit it as you should you burn a time to breathe a little bit but have you in your dad sat down and talked about what's next on the horizon. No we don't really talk today is the Alicia thinking about. Adams you know it is a busy schedule in New York now and analysts are thinking about load them learn and from the them more time into it. EMI shares from the man Stanford tween tween Tokyo. Fundamental promises. Yet. Well look bad if he did this in two weeks in two days. Imagine what you he could goofy. Kids ready for Tokyo and and I mean look he was getting ready for this Olympics there's no question about it like you said after the car accident and all of these things are sidelined him to get to back on track. What's your point. For unique go with all of the obstacles that get talked about it to say to yourself I don't know. Yeah Lou another mound that's resume is that indeed when mean. No they give it to the 28 to an end to Thursday they got there. Lehman unchecked NA at the native Jason not Romain who. I was off my ankle filly eight days is they are swollen and sat in night and it doesn't and notify. And and when the doctors you know she'll meet indeed there pianist in Philly eight days straight. So that's an eight days after filing late I find gets so locked in aren't in. Against judge is bliss Tina. Indy this month phase in no we just taped that distance and is that didn't do it ended just trucking along that's powerful when your dad to show me a picture rear ankle while. Is really isn't little baseball my inclusion in this series alone you ask him and that's that's that's all the more reason manned mission got. Part our loan market could. It's good stuff man part of the line there you go. I don't think so hard and as part of a line is if we see he's just created. All right we garner you got a lot going on this Wonder Woman to get down the road we're gonna get those you go Amanda's colonized 3.5 teachers for your right now we took the picture of those unauthorized replacing you guys know. What were handed out for free on Saturday night at Cortez Mexican restaurant okay thank you yeah thank you may god bless you we're so proud to be a little Hernandez's Mario power and added 3.5. The cowboys play thousands of men and Christina. I may go still hanging out with us I think he wants I think they go you're vehement in radio into the distribution. Career may have benefited to some headphones have been legal Hernandez radio show what you think. And news Vancouver. We're we're gonna go we've just got to get him a microphone and and put him in your secrets and I'll get you coming up my data ICM. It's up man. I can say yeah yeah I can't take you know you move on now I'll definitely is from new go ligament delight you don't want to prevent. I'd ask true. All right apple they were given away when Taco Bell and iPod nano we were supposed to do this or iPod Touch. It's an iPod something parents brought into Texas and AM but we want able to because I'm sorry Nico was just a little bit more important. Okay. So it's America's third collared at 69 Jim Matty 3869. To 113 in a way and an apple a day right now on how anybody 3.5 let's go get some great new music for you this morning comments vs cookie on three of permanence to call the track. This girl power every 3.5. Again thank you. Nico Menendez Ted Lewis uncle and Healy auto for coming by being with us this morning in power and having 3.5. So much time I really enjoyed myself they're nice people and you know we we had to give here at 6:50 AM and they were here they were on time. But they just lost. I hope because they were hanging out with us and you don't just sold down to earth just could she pull. All saying it's feel so good. You don't. I felt like I normally if we have someone in here lake. There on the schedule so they get. Dell and they weren't scheduled to sort of like they need and another thing to go to Afghanistan but these decorate and they enjoyed spending time with us I think and I definitely enjoyed spending time with them. There's no question about this is a classic this young man Mitch you know he's going after you leave just. He toys tools he's going to the hospital that's right. End. I heard the story from uncle in Milano. There's an older gentleman and a hospital who's in rehab. I hope and kind of losses motivational little bit. Started got into legal started Watson and tracking them. Has words of encouragement to. You know just to wait Nico was in the media and just Sheehan certainly go on the whole story. The guy got motivated start doing his rehab. You know sometimes and and haven't lived my life as a person who's endured a very serious body injury. You reach a point where just like I don't care anymore. And it was a guy who was at that point. And because Nico he got re motivated. Started doing his rehab or. And so they became friends. So now meet goal is going to the hospital to see this man. And tell mom and your brother keep fight exciting testing. It's an arsenal. Is I have no idea that was going on that's a main thing and death I'm Arlene I'm already she books and movies and ego yeah. That's Briere right OK let's go off to good good good angle. My goodness good times this morning of power and every 3.5 Nikko Hernandez what an amazing story Steve Madden Christina I'm Colin every three point shot.