Part 1 - 3 Year Ultimatum - The Hitman and Carla

Thursday, April 19th

Listen now for the full scoop about a listener who's getting fed up with her boyfriend of 3 years who's dragging his feet in the relationship. 


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This next email. I want you to know you are right I just want to preface. Before I read her email all gone and now she's right here. There's something going on and that's all those say listen to disguise he usually what you think. Did manage color. I know you guys do that dilemma thing every morning and and help people out problems and I got one going on and I need you guys. Dilemmas thing. And should memory and yeah my boyfriend Carlos does not want to move in with me yet. We have been together for three plus years but it's hardly too soon. Does not know when he wants to move in with nick and I feel like we're ready to take that next half. We've both turned 29 to a satellite where kids anymore. He's not religious so he can't musical living together before marriage is wrong. Unquote excuse. We'll ever changes model of what I've just been waiting around for an immediate. We shouldn't really be day that maybe he just doesn't love me enough and wants to have these escape pod ready to go from. Just in case we break up. I really don't know what to do. Julia. So the question becomes this morning Carla what's the longest you or someone you know has ever waited for somebody. And I really wanna get past that. To Julie and move on from Carlos tear it sounds like to me Carlos. Is not Randy and he wants to add that a escape ahead. What he wants those weekends we don't want everybody with the listened. Before you go on your rant I'm not gonna I. I don't know what she's saying a window it OK okay I used to think how you doing so I was elevated in my mind call. All I wanna say is exotic. I don't think it's necessarily an escape pod for the sky it's all in perspective people get so Donovan titles in labels you've told me you know a husband and wife that have separate rooms. Some people just. Need that's because you're old no so really extra separation and if it works for men and works and maybe that's wait a minute. Maybe that's we he wants to do it they need extra separation they don't need to be together I don't mean separation like that I lose sometimes. Think only people fight in argue when and they don't need to be the guest. I just think we shouldn't be harsh on him it's flat it's been three years I Carlos is bare and others in the mix for three years. Hunger reluctant she's ready to make a commitment. Either he needs to pull off. I'll get off the top. So easy game has proven a group get it together exactly it's not I mean I know I'm telling you ladies and Wichita. Help me out here guys a limit even. The pattern of comments are to golf after three years. Either you're Canada or you're out well and used defense after the first year she should've been like OK maybe this is moving not the direction I want maybe. Did they just aren't a match because the guy is. Nieces are you suggesting that she was not manipulative enough to seal the deal with Justin after three years she's complaining about it now like obviously this is the type of life he wants to live it doesn't mean it is not levering chair Broderick he just needs that's. That means he still wants that exclude cart. 86910983. What are you guys string. After three years should Carlos be ponying up to the point mentioned Julie I'm all live with your baby let's go let's make a run at this. Or is Julie wasted her time maybe she needs to make room and find her any good man. That is that is going to be committed she's 29 pretty sure she's going to be want to pop out yardage. Not. About yard age and instant HE team is not to underestimate our relationship but this guy is not the one. I mean some people are different it's perspective I think you shouldn't put titles and. And who labels assumptions on something committed three years of her life that's as long as it picks the middle school or high school age 65. And should not a jury what do you think I think have been awesome relationship still not good now don't they don't try and fix some my name broken and she's she's trying to has. Yeah he's a businessman waited around long enough you or your hammer you're out. Pony up dude. It is and now I need an answer so he's an ultimatum. No. And. They should try to get married three Bolivia's after three years shouldn't he know what he wants.