Part 1 - 30th Birthday Deal Breaker - The Hitman and Carla

Friday, July 13th

A woman messaged us that she's considering dumping her boyfriend after he didn't make her 30th birthday "feel special". Is a 30th birthday considered a milestone like your 21st and 50th? Listen to this mornings dilemma and everyone's phone calls from today!

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How many 3.5 Tomlin played south Vietnam and how are you surprised me. You know look I need help this morning audience I'm surrounded bonds around a bunch of ladies are whining and crying and about a person today. What it's okay to stop stop here's what happened. We got a message from this girl. This woman. And she's like my boyfriend recently disappointed me when it starts off like that I'm on my okayed the line tennis god I'm reading. She's at last we can celebrate my thirtieth. Birthday April. I expected animated special as you show I'd done. She said instead we got Chinese takeout and a bottle of cheap wine no fireworks so here's what I'm saying growth rate. Chinese take out and follow wind sounds amazing right right now I I would. I would love to spend my weekend or any day of the week join us on so fun so chill but. Your thirty S first day. She said we've been dating. For a few months and I noticed. That they actually shows Simpson pay only go places he's always look mills on the middle. And it'll split bills but he sure no seniors like. He always always acts like he doesn't want to pay for staff. I might just be who she is and that's kind of setting the tone for what to expect. You know down the line in this relationship. She says he's great company yeah I mean he's awesome she's overly frivolous at some point it's like I wanna be treated like aliens play a little bit because she's like. I'm complaint is this the reason to dump someone. And I mean if you don't like this thing he's showing you know. As well listen to you blow an hour. She didn't hear any 600 married during the thirtieth birthday is not a day. It goes are you what are you are forty and fifty now I'm hearing the birthday world would I out here in the world but I. Audience is going to agree with me and I promise and no I didn't listeners are not that simple we're not sewn. Willing million whiners about birthdays. 86 guns and added three candidates are now what do you do girl. Oh yeah. Thank you don't. To meet today Ginsburg my very very big bright blue yeah. How nice of him to make you feel like you are some significant and the most important thing on a search and you're thirty just so special and different hands. Good for him while he had a good time limit as you know they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas so I don't wanna know what happened is that you have a happy thirtieth birthday and think yeah. So you think you. Like you I want you wishing me happy you're they know you don't even me and got wasted money hello yeah 2.5 what do you think is pretty cheap no reason to dump somebody women's golf. Birthday a big deal. Absolutely. Yes and yeah. Yeah. So I think that in this diet very clearly you like this from large and vibrant they would agree that it scared. Get me a hundred dollar deep dark victory big. All look. Paul that's OK I mean I don't. Fair act nation. Mozilo and thirtieth your thirties like a special. It like that there are reported Clayburg of the big plans thirtieth at the flag or the big rally. Yes if they're tiger they're very. Zombies are eager to attend parent dinky little. Hundreds aren't these are gift card to Victoria's Secret he's been Smart because he's going to reap the benefits. Yeah. The currency well. And Ella little and see yeah. Yeah I'd your primary care overall our okay how you're telling my new dormitories at your house boards close to own zone it's not to. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. The sad part out all right 080. Yeah. Thank you. To win Madrid is not a big deal. 869 and 1093. Days and oh yeah. When a college already 3.5.