Part 1 - Anti-Junk Food at Work - The Hitman and Carla

Friday, April 13th

Should your place of employment have the right to tell you what you can and can't eat? Listen to an e-mail an upset listener sent us about a new policy his work is implementing!


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Our grading 3.5. Team. The big curly and I do to each other off Mike's on I observe. A lot more familiar with some of the things we do our march I just wish we could agree I wish you could come either side and have it an open end and clear mind about what's right. How I have an open mind and clear mine I'm certainly. I'm very compromising person who's able to to. She the other side. But and this particular issue this morning. I don't care if we agree with me or not. You know I'm all right Luke 861993. The majority of colors. Do you know what I agree with me but when you stop and take a moment you think about it. Yeah you agreed now. Imagine walking into your work to rewrite. Your boss is like luck and we have this big surprise come in to be the kitchen and or the break room. He whipsaw sheets retailing. Two new vending machines he got rid of the old vending machines so there's no more energy drinks is a more cookies and we didn't songs there's no martini bars no chance NASA ends and then that fun stuff right. And he says look this. We are replacing all of that with healthier food and how I. We need from a listener his his company did is the company says they're no longer clustering junk food cook because. They want healthier employee yeah employees in quote. Having healthier employees will improve production output I think this is gonna increase the hostility that you kind of resent and I belliard. High turnover rate is a guy works at a great place and loved it every two weeks religious Ed page and no I'm happy that that means go without a Ding Dong. Minding your adults not children don't tell me what I Danny Danny. Please I am going to tell you go to work for me these are the rules arm was good to old age six guys and. Not editorial what are you absolute. Both are allowed to go back beer. Because I'm right here oh my god lord what a guy that all together they are emerging go to a coffee in the order rang. Me and I enjoy you don't it's. QL be out there and the networks. Don't Ask Don't Tell me what I have to get I bought property investigate bill would have been you don't together. Yeah isn't idea Mike I would drive at approximately November Susan. So do I believe what I ask this if you can you get nothing at all my guy. What these you know I think it may have been import talk about social worker Barbara door outbreaks. All right David it's great to order a little bitty note. Don't sit. You're going to be what are managers now works. Adding in the healthy stuff but still let me give my my chocolate and I can't spin it. I learned everything. Now get me out of your content is healthy and that is your options are not take her answers that you could work for us real data for guidance. I thank you so much. I think two dollars and much of an older. I want to play flood what do you think Arab aren't great with thank you shine. Bill like get the company is can adds provides a snack and they feel like it's and that. Be better production and and potentially lower cost health and it you know I'm awful lyrics to. Yeah tennis academy and O'Keefe made it and he. Become what it. Bush yeah no no got a promoted the workplace and promote would you emblazoned on exercise plans all the stuff available. Absolutely I felt like if you wanna have something that and health feet. They do it on your time that if you bought the paint K I will survive here without benefit health option in the if you through the day thank you the fact that they're going to take that bet they'll give you the health healthy option then. Both she knows me well I think option is key don't change very the other stuff and an option just like you're not good at it I often think you can opt for not having it then go. I just like an alcoholic should just look I'm the guy he's good to do we shouldn't. Exactly at some point have we at all offer is healthier op then people continue to PPD. Fat thing. Then nothing is ever going machine can now where I have the option have ethnic Kurds bar. Or are you know at at propane fake it by half that off then I'm gonna take the proteins can and can't fight a battle. That can achieve through the day more than a snicker bar. We've kind of girl yeah. Apparently they can say is just a Smart lady should trying to learn three people who want to talk Iran's capture of the league delusional.