Part 1 - Are You A Snob? The Hitman and Carla 1-18-18

Thursday, January 18th

Sometimes we're considered "snobs" with the things we prefer in life. Are you a snob about something? Listen to your calls now! 


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However every 3.5. More than 1000 genetic Carla. Doing it right now talking snobbery it's okay. There's certain things it's got to be that certain away a guy got his body mind whenever he gets dressed. He has to have his Nike outfit has got to be the ninety jackets shirts. I think he's got Maggie underwear. The lucky pants socks shoes they got to be color coordinated. He's got to be on point so you'll never catch him with an idea sweater in ninety cancer I had that's a big party crowd is like. I don't do it this not a appearance like it's black and and that's as good as a group of some of you dispense with the Nike jackets look okay. What I hear immerses you have to have certain brands with your man purses right now like Louie the time. OK I don't have to leave the time yeah. I could see. Not that coach and a Michael course. Why aren't. Given you aren't sure. And I I can't talk though because while I'm not a name brand snob I gotta have my good coffee. And it's got to be. Bold I prefer Colombian coffee just robust and strong and I don't like any sugar cream in my coffee just glad I appreciated the coffee. It is just mistake OK if it's a good stage in its juicy and flavorful and cooked just right I feel like you don't need stakes lives. Now that's true some people Domata makes it thank you there's certain restaurants that. Yet that I might get tough again and the mistakes. Like I know the prime rib at Texas Roadhouse and. You know I tried to put the time of humor and the last weekend at. It's just wasn't doing good work where you do why king in my state Trey. What are your snob about and why call up this morning HX nine tonight a three year pallid added 3.5 or taking your calls. Arturo for winter I should guard is something I'm kind of snob. You are snob you're cigars and I do you say onetime too that you're kind of snotty with meat. I am going to be certain cut and you know I going to the butchered. Blew the butcher except as need to get is an easy got yourself demo why it's like let's expensive as the gap. I wanted to butcher and they have that big diet diagram of the Cali it shows you all the different cuts of meat and all that stuff it's really cool and good cheer unless your armor 69 denied entry what are your snub wit and why don't want is not an added 3.5. Here for. I don't think anything that packed crowd tequila. Lol yeah. Yeah yeah declare marriage that the basket for a draft. Do you mix it with anything or just do chilled shots. Yeah to have July oh now now I. Medical college you're you're kind of trouble that comes up aka aren't Julia I gotta have good not that what I guess what brand they know more beyond that. You know excimer not cite concern sometimes. Grey goose. Are you know what I notice is you're not I think you mean hail Mary Clinton and also about the true. Now Smirnoff that's my go to a thumb on the budging grey goose if I'm not the issue. Thank you. Like thanks a lot and don't give you hang a day earlier exit and a bigger battle playing. Mean who. What depends on your body chemistry there it is this morning thank you for Colin okay. And what you know it's not aware of NY 8692983. You have to have believed that mom bursts. I don't gonna have to minimize. As far as there's a ring have to be a certain Sox. It is this morning agents are dramatic three is powered added 3.5. Per hour thanks. You always.