Part 1 - Blue Eyed Baby Dilemma - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, May 16th

A suspicious father and husband is considering asking his wife of 5 years for a paternity test for their 10-month-old son. Listen now for the details and everyone's phone calls from this morning! 


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Elementary 3.5 of how Morton plant housing demand and garlic and is the blue slide that baby dilemma. This morning. With our dilemma of the day empowerment 3.5 and I think they limit is being called out for asking the question any perfectly has the right to ask Carla. That he has the right to pass to himself. Not to his wife because she's been married to her for five years only can he can ask his wife this is. OK if we just tune in. Old blue and his wife. They just had a new baby baby him until. The baby's got blonde hair blue eyes beautiful little kid on my dad. Blocks. The wife has blonde hair. She's white. He's black or brown eyes rabbits. I he's black and obviously has its. So out. What gives well and is likely gonna do is maybe it is kind of not. I see little feet to lose those who. Resembled myself when I look at the which is not that crazy because it takes two parents could this kid light complexion like your blue eyes and I can happen. I summon what makes debuts hello I am I'm back on this because. DNA any and all that's stuff you just never know which are gonna get and she's just like no and an assembly has blond hair blue ice so why it's. It doesn't always work out the same way each and she's wanting to ask his wife for a freaking paternity tests are you Heidi and I am. When you're driving it's not no not quite as you know I should be grown ups about it the sale could find your home grown closer does that sound again and just walking away. And then you got to answer everybody was happy. I'm a nice warm glass of shut the hell are they were good. It's your turn to manage I don't know why members don't want their children still right it's time too many drinks let's go to to power on sort of drink. Culprit and now. I thought about that puts a home paternity test is you'd like to Cuba right and you just alive or something and meanwhile there Sydney and it hit me half. Steve Perry's I like that he better not ask for Weiner and he's done I wanna go out true. Rudy would be flipping back out of literally and it's easy enough to get the home what puzzles they draw all the time just little. Written as we drove in slather it on there and test it all out nice. That's the only option. I don't hold fraternity does okay. Thank you for calling and rhetoric he's handled the home paternity size and don't tell aren't HX 1993. What do you think. I'm other reasons you can have a genetic component air that would create variety. Do book blue like childbirth here grammar here it is holly hill. We're we're you know he just has lean that they can have a oh and I pretty you know if he does ask her portrait of the aesthetic thing he. You're good go out here. They were the and yet oh it's. Not really a sin that well are you know it's happened once. And I really really is probably won't happen want to. Don't know you can open a cold blue eyed baby from pure art there are a lot more are okay. Thank you for all things. You're going to use Google the shuttle is going to bring home don't know do you need a medical professional polo pony 3.5 what do you think. I'd fade it back. He has a right now if the problem it's his turn current thank you. The loans. They are worried parents say that because it can cause him. It's great for against the column but later on ice whom next whom you see someone lose your. Exactly you don't want to how exactly you know he's innocent Gerry to detail I don't understand that yeah you. It's dead bit bit because every bit the you never expect it feat yet do very much take that chance I what do you highly. Thank you I appreciate the call and if you if they get. Only.