Part 1 Carrie's Boob Job Dilemma - The Hitman and Carla - 11-7-17

Tuesday, November 7th

Carrie called in this morning about how she really wants to get a boob job but her boyfriend of 9 months is against it. Should she give him the boot or take his feelings into consideration? Listen to your calls!


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Ray you know. Breaking it up there. Howard adding 3.5. How Morley Playhouse the hit men and Carlin. There's a lady on the line for the wants to talk to us this morning your parliamentary 3.5 look when you guys call son. Between the emails that we get off of our web senate power managers buy dot com the messages on FaceBook. I mean we're we're very accessible to all you guys because they're drawn into Mori is already 3.5 what's up. Our high yield I pay them better I don't need. I think our our our very rarely get a boob job. Well now. More so did it. Just not feeling now though. Imad ants and warm and world do you think you need to gain hints this particular body part. Younger I'd like I can barely a day. I'm a little how did you share and it cost she says she can barely fit in makeup. I want it they'll we'll see you can. Yeah I quit and it did not have a net. I'm trying to keep up what you hear you OK got to give a boob jobs. MB you're currently and a cup and you wanna go from an eight cubs to a double. At all throughout right now I'm not at all this stuff so you got a boyfriend. Is not there. Well I know I'm happy I think he would want to support you and encourage you. One happy thing I'm doing it for myself I'm not gonna get attention from anybody else under my belt by the late in Arkansas little bird who. And you know what are you a little better about myself. So does he think that you're wanting to didn't give these for a different reason. Black think I'm doing it to get noticed by other men. So what's your problem with your dilemma here. Thank you so bad about it like I expected him to be according about it happy that I wanted to use them for myself I'm really work out together we do everything together. So why can I get the loop. Are you on the verge of breaking up because of this whole I don't to move I can hear employees do you. But I didn't hear a lot of things true. There again you know it did dawn this three year old and I guess Carlos I'm thinking. My advice stirs maybe sit down and have a conversation with him if she feels like this is something she needs to do and just explain to him like hey dude this has nothing to do was here this is all about me wanting to do something for myself and hopefully he'll understand I mean what'd she do she did should she stay with. This guy kronor or why I mean it's not months I mean look I want to me (%expletive) on his relationship but by the poem from what I. I don't think there's a 100% rock solid thing going on here with this guy. Right and it sounds good send him down and talking to him but I'm sure you guys have had when he talks plenty of fights and I mean if it comes down to where she's just being crappy this is gonna make you feel better you do it for you and give him Abu chute. I and that's how I was feeling that he knows how much is being green but why. Organ. Yeah. Rock. Look it's hard for me to speak honestly goes I'm thinking that you're my girl here's tell me you're gonna get some you're gonna go former may doors doubled she really took effect today. Accordion maybe it'd take. I have I. Yeah 1861993. We should open up the power lines is Yale and we should let people call him first and foremost should women be even give him a boob job and all Carlos. Says. I'm just ask you I don't know. I mean should you work what god did it and secondly what she'd do about how the guy. Does she keep this guy does she sit down have a conversation with them at what point does she should say OK I'm done with this. I'm not suggesting that you break up with this guy but hopefully I mean do you love the guy. Her or she has hit. Car thought OK. The block thinking OK this. I got out of pocket without what I heard let it remind them you really love playing an important lesson where you. My heart not going to break and we get her name which your name where. Jerry I just my you know I support you if you wanna gets me out those and it's gonna boost your self esteem you do it doubles. Or are. Certain irony knows the sounds like she wants to go from that little hill on rove to Mount Everest just. No I don't want okay. I'm thinking that you need to do new and arrest them take care of itself and every series and it was alleys out. They took I didn't I didn't drink your calls your thoughts your comments carried. Thank you for calling them this morning and something so personal that you should know. We appreciate it thank you are. Thank you Mary listened to the comments of our listeners and let's see what they say how are as to what you should do with this funeral because of good luck for.