Part 1- Cold Jobs! The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, January 16th

It's so cold even school was cancelled! Do you or someone you know have to work a COLD job in Wichita today? Listen to your calls!


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3.5 the top foreign play how CNET and Carla we're talking about the coldest jobs in which is chomping. Bitterly cold jobs this senior bones is it's freezing cold out it's like three degrees right now. Coveralls. He needs. Decked out because he's so free teen yet. Bitterly cold what did your calls this morning in the cold as jobs in Wichita that's what we wanted to know had powered added 3.5. What are related to fall morning award. Akron Akron he has been pretty good. They weren't trained army. Should show you what what you have to do it your job it's so cold all the time. I reckon that that act as an after thought in your spirit I have great journalists. Clawing about it jetlag and football. Oh my god. Little women it's this code is probably frozen. It. Yeah puzzles plumber isn't gonna try and get a familiar how you mentioned plumbers earlier us. Wow okay plotters cold I just wanted Don is doomed candidate William. Yeah I should she isn't just that she's a young it is. If we want to be called John yeah. And I got the cold it's dark wood it's no way it's. Artwork. That male 13% of my own turn normal probably trying what you're doing you're outside clean and out why our own I'd. Outside arc a couple of quite short today is approximately thirty grief felt like and it appears in the open yet. A lot more Almonte way you are allowing your way to that jobs were easy and again. The mail art is Jennifer. We wanted to eat your ex trooper. Got to make that money. Lying down on he scene counterpart. Among all around armored oh here who won't leave all that got him pool Bob Schneider and out on the feelings about the coach. Yeah you buddy you have to Montreal when you're not outside certain body lets get sweaty. And now Mario. Children who don't forget to. It would Colin. They have got to know wrapped up a big kid at Christmas story. I listen I'm faced a two if you wanna chime in power in any 35 and you're working in cold job today. Are you know some money Liz give us give us that know him a shout out. All right we got that call you on the phone this morning at 869 cannot agree Tony do you have a code job. What do you do men I work Erik Becker trucking companies need did. We do everything. All. Being sick or investment about it. And I felt you all. Pretty happy sheet metal. Shipping now everybody all. My goodness it's not a day like today you guys have the work outside or predict they'll all. Are part right now where navigate. Open bark out. You at a prep for that he's. Good students continue in the main goal now let's have a limit as to how long he could stay and sign it right in there about our. And my god didn't opens frozen temperatures and wind chills are dangerously low you can get prosper I. Yeah I plan when we shovel that I thought that land people need to feed my family gets there hell is going to Wal-Mart. Who'll. We cut vehicle thinking that or. City this is the guy you know when you get to one minute trigger and the sidewalks of clues to discredit this is it. And why it is off to make your own forums CNET. Do you work all day you guys have to take a lot of breaks. Occasionally you replace part there were trying to pick and a lot of break here or there. He is going in that group we only have our typical to fit him embracing our life. Pan and we'll still stay warm today okay all right you're welcome why I'll bet if I can work there are no and one day I quit. I went 33 point.