Part 1 - College Girlfriend Dilemma- The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, April 24th

A dad messaged us for some advice regarding his son's girlfriend who's in college. Listen now for the full scoop plus everyone's phone calls from this morning!


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Why are we are enjoyed this morning empowered every one side of the emotions are highs. Because of his dad. Litmus fourteen year old kid pushing her around well. He emailed us and he wants advice because he's that I got divorced less than a year ago my ex and I shared custody. Of our fourteen year old son he's a freshman in high school. And I recently found Alex. And he's dating and another freshman from she's a freshman in Kyle. This is it when my wife and I split making verbal agreement to keep every staying out neo bending it to each other in the loop with anything involving her son. Any affect my son does not want me to tell his mom about the scrub free and has the readiness to lead if I did. And I wanna talk about that the first he says he's. When my wife broke up it was that I pulled around on her with someone who worked she found out she left the woman I was wind. Dumped me around the time the mind of Boris and my son is all I have to he's everything. I'm not legally obligated to share this with my wife and I like I should what should I do. So mom. First of all. He says my son doesn't want me to tell his mom about this girlfriend and aspirin to leave if I did I still like you should handle this. If you feel like it's inappropriate you know didn't speak on and do what she needed do as a dad. But it's like part of me thinks you know you did your wife wrongs winter this whole divorce a part of me feels like he wants to. Bring missing his right just getting good what's her arm I'm sorry reasons. I'm who's running mr. Kim Norman this kid's gonna threaten a dad a fourteen year old is gonna crypt is meant them look me in the eye and say. Did you do that lead to war. Boy you know must show down Mara and limit the premier talk to me like bash is concerned are you Doreen I got so big we need to. I thought oh my god I wish you want to. I'm pretty sure Powell. But mother needs to know image is responsible. Parenting and good communicating. To share with the mom what is going on with a fourteen euros lunch. He can will best freshmen exactly. I think the dash should address it but I don't think you should take its a good. Good to go into the mom I think she's doing never selfish reasons he's got his personal agenda are again backing good with his life. I said this is reminiscent going to be EP OK okay. 869293. You guys are fired up on the power lines is more empowered every 3.5 go ahead wary of saying hey. Diet isn't near Gulfport and apparently you gave no thought were. So help me here and war. There are still. Need to know. Somebody. Tell me how fourteen year old did not deliver about one critic cop hey college. How would it all I don't know I don't care what happened between and now you don't you different sort of like a high school guy known college girl thing now. Now know what that woman got. I've got to deal with a fourteen year old and gray than me exactly what does he had to go out there. You don't want to be an yeah. He's an eerie Indiana do you. I notice the sorry yeah. Next time. You know might have wondered how the daughter to have with us we'll learn. What I thought you know. Our sorry it's. So much hey you're not my index yet. She told do do a law still time.