Part 1 - Disneyland Exes and Oh's - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, December 20th

Should a soon-to-be ex wife join her ex on a family trip. . .with his new girl friend?? Listen to everyone's phone calls on the matter!


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Howard added 3.5 and how more than Playhouse and hit man a color little drama going on this morning. For one of our listeners whose family. Is going to Disney. Next week for the holidays. Dad is passed away in your own human mom got a little money Sosa's I think everybody would go to Disneyland for the holidays this. But. There's one problem. The problem is this. Well you know what I'm not gonna see I think the issue is that ex wants to go now this is his wife. Wiese not divorced firm yet they're separated. And this do is my third. And hey you agreeing you know selling so your X as long as she pays her own when he. Now they have children together five kids together and the dudes why. My Gerson is not happy about that is my girlfriend doesn't want my execs how much time understand but here's the dill. Pay key word family. He's saying I miss out on probably the last time I'll have all five kids together for a trip. Plus his mom's going to his sister or some other people his dad passed away they're all getting together for his big Disney trip. I still plagued the kids would love to have mom they're she's kind of earned her right to tag along. So many things in the course yet. Ex wife. And got no business is not good pitcher anymore. It's like a photograph were praised his mentor now know and I think the Stanley obviously likes this lady if you're agreeing to let her come along. He whistled the mother Sana Uga but you're playing ticket you've probably used that as a whole thing that you wouldn't be able to afford to go oh yeah. Oksana just got a great talker and they wanna have things. I don't want her. And it stays tight you know the start of the IOC. It's pretty fit all teeth at the last. You are. Yet she and you called yeah that. So evident is that it happened at that they do not hurt you there are there. That puts the the further away it's like I mean I heard on me yet because he wants departure this kid let it go. That mosque is sponsoring and this terrorist threat. Or else he would Ari anger. There are on sale and has been an appropriate that the thoroughbred okay. I say bring a mall one being unhappy thing around this drama thank you for Colin appreciate the call muscle in his right to know these ex wife knows what she's doing and soon. Let's assume that the I don't know this these things go harmony 3.5 what do you think. And I. Am back I. Went back. He didn't specify you never know you guys. I made it color your mom and he's got a every act like they have us at night. It's aren't. It didn't and it's nice. Might still OK don't I don't voice yeah. Lowell hit home thank you are kind of rhetoric and he's I didn't own experience that Amazon's cloud and it's. July Colin I don't play citadel thank you. Ever be. Appreciate it won't be set to marry a Disneyland next Monday agents until editorial what do you think it's currently point five. Yeah yeah. If I'm home.