Part 1 - Do You Have A Landlord From Hell? The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, December 19th

Recent local news had The Hitman and Carla asking this morning- have you ever had a landlord from hell? Listen to everyone's calls and storries now! 


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You 3.5 about Martin play housing Atlanta and Carlo what a story online. Thank Kansas dot com this morning. Now yeah. They lose after a property manager allegedly. Yeah did didn't. 210. Yes supposedly according to this story. She he fits this gravy he was stopping by. Tenants house. Unannounced. And even went so as far as stop and I want and his tennis house of female while she was sleeping. Winning super house in proceeded to light. Touch her and her who causes. Course without her permission and sound like allegedly. Years ago we had this landlord not menacing names of course. Police state in this little house. In this landlord was sold. Freaking lazy if something went wrong we just snow off the came from a landlord you're not gonna do anything about it we just kind of accepted that. Yeah why marrying in this house was so what sketchy when we would unplug things for plug in men. Like a flame. Would ignite. From the outlet able Luke actual fire flame listen if you're how good does that. Contacts and NAACP that is not good so we're like hey look. There's some there's some issues going on with our wiring in our electricity this this is Matt. He would not fixing he would always promised to come I never once the hell out of areas sapiens who dangers everybody does have the landlord from how including those guys at 8692 and not in three. Did you handle I don't know the. Yes that happened one halftime old world let's just say everything about this house was achieved. And what day are buried there initially you do now. I didn't play as they could hear what their day extension cords. Plug it into the walls. And the wires over who is in flight C. Pretty motor and everything to create and record. All the time yeah. The war eagle you. Satan when he was don't. Yes I know we were we caught fire marched in five or older you know that's how bad it couldn't. Modeled after the please tell me yeah release are even out of your lease right. I got out and I think these food. Yeah yeah you you have everything amend some missiles not the Manson and his agent Smartphones you have lots of pictures of I don't know Mickey that well you know he didn't wow the so I took the extension cord plugged into the wall spliced the end of it and you can just see it might happen the most dramatic. Did it work well and I have no clue. Even the ticker his leg you know what was going on division I do you know I'm not tomorrow's let's go. And stuff. People call in okay yeah we love it. Well landlords from hell everybody's got one. 869 Jim not a dream it's our Larry 3.5.