Part 1 - Emotional Cheating - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, April 25th

Is emotional cheating worse than physical cheating? Listen to one husband's dilemma regarding a female client at work, plus everyone's phone calls from this morning!


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Primary 3.5 how morning great housing demand and Carla what's worse promotional Chilean prison for achieving 92 and my friends that. Physical team and as far worse than emotional cheating because you put your body at risk. You have exposed herself to outside elements that can indeed July and a multitude of levels. So therefore these consequences. Of the physical shooting and the pull potential damage. The physical chief Lucia is far. Literate and worst gimmick could ever be with emotion. Chief it's the reason why it hit Minnesota passion and we're talking about this we got an email from this guy. He's become close friends could just email client and they can find. And each other on a regular basis she does the same because he says they're both good unhappy. Marriages case first that's our first word ladies and gentlemen. Neither of our spouses know about our texting and emails. My brother says I need to tell my wife because I'm cheating on her emotionally and I told him emotional cheating is not the same as physical she misses what emails us. He's like my brother disagrees and says his worst. And then he. Proceeds to say I'm staying with my wife because we have kids in any cheating talk to report in the marriage. And their lie Ames is my brother Wright is emotional. Cheating worsened physical sheeting and the wrist and my last seen. He answered his own question and yeah emotional cheating won't lead to physical GDP now it's your Don and prayers. School is worse there's a greater risk factor 869 dramatic 3 hello good morning Colin added 3.5 power lines blown up what you think. I have to go weighs in La and all I had very bag eating and eating green garden live tour LP. Ban had been one man because that didn't he has yet to buy Barton's do you enterprise and and how do you treat Gary and Ernie here it just didn't know the next day you go there. Because they see it. Yeah these how wired very you know small southern yet no breaks said he never favorite somebody you're not attracted there's nothing less. But it doesn't it get your level or any other ones. Okay. She's just like she disputed the brass tacks that old bill should Sherri did thank you for call and I appreciate your input very wise thank you. Absolutely at a very do you use I still centers grows worse power outage reported by what's worse physical to be emotional to an end the room. I have to agree with Carla and say let's -- because out comes from the heart he can't anymore and test playing other biblical content probably you know where you know ram thank you ma'am your own down a road. And it's emotional I mean it more in can't pick him in my heart there's more meaning behind it. Thank you you can't just walk away like it if that guy stays with you she's going to be thinking about someone else come emotionally attached. So on I. I might love milk shakes I don't you earnest I don't leave here there's regular love W a little chick all the time. Memory I can't he's barely hear the yeah. We needed to and I. Another battle went. Maybe Mel's playing different than him out playing in weird here differently unless could be at scale back and let me now I'm brand. Yeah emotional. Not guy who. And yeah. Thank you for calling 86 imagine adding 3 more calls this morning to ladies and in those emotions worst IC physical is worst because there isn't counting room to put your name on it. Yes damper on Al what they say in the movies when guys see that she's like do you love for them the only emotional it's a statement. Yeah. Giuliani right now six.