Part 1- Ex Confesstions - The Hitman and Carla

Tuesday, January 23rd

If you could confess one thing to an ex, what would it be? Listen to your calls! 


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We're gonna we're talking confessions this morning and you could say one last into your next. What would it be and Karla well. You got the ball rowand this morning. Well I was chuckling I adding no we we're gonna talk about this today but when I hit man that does tell him how. Just last night when I difference up biting down. Hang out who's had a couple drinks and numb them. The entire time. She was ever brought that perhaps maybe two hours. I'm fouled her ex boyfriend I mean dogging him until an all the business how much she can't stand him this isn't that I mean and I was like. Why are you telling me tell him I say you need event gets and so far through chest. Tell him Texan Colin meet up with send its enclosure I mean it was none of the south end so you know since we're talking concessions. We're not naming names and I had more than one excel you know. I was just. Thinking about how you know I did I kissed. One of my ex is cousins once at a party. The first cousin. And I always had a crush on him and then my ex was in there for some reason. At this little get together and you know we had a few drying. But when I think I was drinking age and the general Jay. And put it still wasn't a full out make out session it was just a little there was an impact either though it was very passionate I don't regret it but. And confessed choose. Junior acts. If you could save one life flash playing this morning what would it be. We've been taking goddamn spot bridges that ended of the bill conference and Alabama all but everybody else looked. The move. Lot of pain lot of teams who want our American gas now Ruth why. Our thought I don't want to look at the end of the hit and gone it's. Will you meet venting session I guess. Jacki thank you for calling trained piano you know after a period of political I think he would jump off a bridge of there was enough water below to. An assistant to. That's thanks in. I didn't blend follow. And this morning on one last link here as to what women being. Being completely out partner created oddly this is my wife a big. I'm an older one nice to deliver the best they have a more weddings we had a bowel or perhaps our. Yeah. You're saying yeah that could be a. He's got a good don't. Look. My guess is nothing now and so it's just beautiful little. I kept quiet when we know exactly what's up when I got it why. Don't wow. The more. Up to my sister we want you to do and that's all. He's laughing. And I wonder. I've only got a besides all of that's a confession that is an acre and ACLU. And Q I think this guy needs to go have a cigarette now and Barack. That moment about a. All right guys you guys irresistible. That's yeah.