Part 1 - Ex At Work - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, February 21st

A listener messaged us about taking a great new job...only problem? Her ex-husband and his new girlfriend also work there!  Listen now for the full scoop and everyone's calls from this morning! 


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3.5 or doctor now yeah. Vs reacts. If you will destroy the power and having 3.5 millimeters off. You can email is true we welcome back log onto a website empowerment revived at comments. She got a chance to make more money. And Carlo wants to let the intent to keep her from making more money. No. And I think. So. She's whining to get this really good job I would Wear her ex husband works and they've been divorced for a year place. Don't want any he cheated on her win. Is working there until he's still dating this girl that he went behind his wife's cracker web. They're saying is they're gonna get her 40% increase in pay if she comes and works at his place and I guess it's good money. But I feel like it's gonna get messy the past is gonna get brought up in her face every day and while I understand. It's good money I just feel like it's just going to be bringing baggage and that's not our sit. I don't think the money is worth the trouble she should just go about our business and you don't wanna I wanna take December 3. It might make her look petty and kind of soccer. Click O yeah I you less queen had an affair nominee come work for you guys are working I don't think it's a good luck. I mean you know. Yeah I think Clinton drama on an unnecessarily. Moot if you've got a chance to make 40%. More. 40%. More. There are reasons yeah. Doubling your pay Fanny she's talented and she could probably get that somewhere else him. Made me. I say take the job especially if you're going to be a supervisor. Good job ancient time did not injury what are you guys think and also I wouldn't want you don't legitimately listen this morning. That was in a situation where they work at the same place. Will there asks them how does that work out just to take the job and no one is saying I. I don't think dobbs thank you. Were saying that. I mean. I know that and show I always thought I should be independent and execution of her career because that's what makes. Thank your fat and yeah I do agree with back pay that money thank you grow I appreciate the column allocated only. Oslo and Gregory with lynch opponent 3.5 he would take the jobs are now. I'd say yeah. How I'm glad that I got there was no need don't want. Yeah she is. Listen to our door and especially the supervisor ready to. And then anyone X you are just out today Debbie are you. A question for you have you. Amber ward at the same place with the masks and I was here im at a bash is great how Warren well my yeah. My fiance at 30 PM Matalin Brokeback. How wildlife asking me everyday lack I never know. Boudreau room. You can look at all the good and showing him what he's missed seeing always everyday and in his face car and talk about you do just ahead. Yeah I'm not allowed Matta did so you you re going to work with him. They can do something about maybe okay. And they asked him upbeat they feature. It's like this you know looks flat. I was tired so you try and talk college. Age of 86. Any bridge. What are you building didn't take good job good deployment for CNN priest or do you do like. It was just don't think there's going to be a kind of drama had ever worked with and acts of so what was it why can't.