Part 1 - Exotic Dancer - The Hitman and Carla

Wednesday, June 13th

A woman's exotic dancing past has resurfaced when she realizes her current boyfriend's dad used to be one of her best customers. Listen now for the scoop, plus everyone's phone calls from this morning!

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However every three point finally we go well a lot of drama. But this morning's dilemma. Of one of our listeners. To match is drugs used to be a dancer in jets or bills until we didn't play. I choose and a new relationship with a guy named Michael she's only known him for a month. And she is going to be Michael's father this weekend for Father's Day. Well actually she's animated she knows Michael's father because. Because. Back in the day when she was an exotic dancer she hadn't. Several men who would pay her very well for just be trending. You know I'm in the soup a little lap dance here you know maybe the champagne room look so good. Us and maybe. Maybe not maybe you know well she was shocked when she was over Michael's house and just you know family photos are I not a match you know like. I notice let's house and out photos on just like little Diane. And browse and I love looking at family photos on the wall and well be holes. There's Michael's dad and she's like all who grabbed. It was one and the guy is and back you know use cease to be friendly she worded decibels. And she would talk dirty spend tons of money and claim to her back in the day you know he was getting a divorce this is the dad by the way. And this is true and next week and Michael is wanting to take her to a family gathering to meet said. The family and she's kind of Sonos had to wait about meeting his dad. And now this is the church going dad who was one of the past customers. Since she is asking she's reaching out for advice. Because she's needing to know should she be honest and tell Michael I his father was a client or just gonna stay quiet and just letter row on her mind her. Some theories is free to be up front honest if you plan leading theories about how do you lay it on the table many turn into a funny jug I should not gonna notice I know your dad gonna get messy if she holds event. Carlin. May act. You absolutely not she's known this guy must he hasn't been in this relationship long enough for him to know everything about inner. Perhaps overtime want to relationship involves a may be goes into that moment. You start to share those most intimate into one another because I can assure you there's a few bones in his closet that he's not storm out on the carpet right away. And so look for us and that's fathers are gonna say anything especially these are neo conservative. A church going pat he's gonna come on go Sean you know why. What is she does pull almighty aside he's like he's like sun know and trust me she's trouble when I mean your mom have been issues eight I mean it's clear doesn't. 93 you don't say a word it's gonna sound better comment from her okay hello Howard added three point I wanted to girl. Yeah I agree that he is you are awesome meet with the relative. Yeah I'm not going to go see dead. It was a just put everything on hold your saints for now don't even need to salient lesson nobody that they'll wait to say about it it's. Hey. Hello all I think about that you might not believer has so what you I don't know what you. No mom pops like fast oh I'm sure she's got receipts. Yeah it's done. I would merely by what can't ever have already. I'm kind of tells you. You grow up and true I appreciate you 8691093. Total power medically points live what are you know let. And you know you you are gonna agree with Cuba through all this. The only reason why you gotta hear me out yet here we are you bears owner relied because you got to experience what kind of books may and towards a woman bears you know. They're my dead pretty much been already you know he knows every you know he knows best you know their whole body you know I am behind close doors leading no. You know where you go to a little far right here. At least you know notre you know mark on the boat loaded you know to move Soledad so I want a girl that you go to nobody nobody can you know I've been up our body parts are bad. That's why our our service that that's not police now. Reality you know what I am. You wanna grow and nobody can identify a body parts I'm sorry but your ego is not the first one to the party okay yeah you know his dad's and no amount things like who is the Buick this anger runs. I'm glad they didn't want people are you know work random god out we get rich you know. I know I got him there with the brunt of their and we will hold my dad and I knew I bet another level. Simply yeah. How little. And why won't I think she's saving 5% seemed okay honest so she can decide whether or not he wants to move on what exactly exactly currently sits right thank you sure he's upset but look into it's not. Since 1993.